And hence... blogging happened....

This entry was published at the Indian Fusion as a part of The lost paradise writing contest, on 22nd July, 2013. As per the rules, I am removing the content from here and sharing the link of the published post. Do read!


  1. you were always a writer..and ahem..good looking teachers inspired you to blog, eh? :-))
    "I felt like a little child who makes a naive painting for the first time and then runs around to show everyone that see, i have made this."
    Totally agree with this line..each time, I dabble with something new, I do feel like this..
    Thanks for taking up the tag..loved reading your post!

  2. hehe.. ;);)
    thanks a lot for the encouragement... :)

  3. ;-) ;-)...... Some good looking people set us on the right path...!! lol. I'm too going to write this tag topic...

  4. sure... would like to read your story as well!!

  5. :) :)
    "Most of the english teachers I have come across have been quite good looking" Indeed its true.. :P
    You write good stuff with a feel and expression.. keep writing :)