My favourite character!!

I know a lot of people who have fallen in love with "Edward Cullen" from Twilight. Interesting part is, the person they admire is not the actor who portrays this character but the character itself. Similarly, i deeply admire this character called Michael Scofield from an american television series "Prison Break". Having completed the last season of prison break recently, i feel completely mesmerized by Michael Scofield. I admire him for his immense intelligence, calm mind, humility and love for his near and dear ones. Those who have watched prison break, would definitely agree with me. Those who haven't, kindly see it. I think it's the best television series i have seen so far. I would like to share a few words.... Michael Scofield as seen by me...

I looked beyond the walls of prison,

to find a beautiful world that exists,

never did my heart wish to know,

the darkness of the prison persists,

the more i loved people around me,

the more i put their lives in danger,

the more i wanted to escape all,

the more i knew every stranger,

whenever i thought it was the end,

life took another wicked turn,

whenever i thought of a peaceful life,

i realized i was on an endless run,

at last, when it all ended,

i hoped for a life sans fear and worries,

but my destiny didn't spare enough moments,

now my soul rests in peace...


  1. What about Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries and James "Sawyer" in Lost... ;) :D

  2. unfortunately i haven't seen these series so far... These characters might get added to my list of favourites soon!! :D