Physics Lab@DCE

Before starting, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy festive season!! Also, i am looking forward to a nice get together with some of my close pals. So, it's the time to party and celebrate!! Enjoy!! :)

So, talking about the physics lab, i seriously feel it should be banned!! Why?? Because, it gives such a wrong impression of all other labs in the college. Till date, i haven't understood what was so remarkable about the physics experiments that compelled our physics faculty members to be so ridiculously strict!! Physics practical was a part of our curriculum for first and second semesters. I remember the day when we had entered the physics lab for the first time. It was the first working day of first semester. There was a long list of experiments displayed outside the lab. There were lots of strange, unseen apparatus and using them, we had to perform some hopeless experiments in groups of two. The teachers(mostly M.E. students) who kind of monitored us were equally hopeless. They asked us to maintain an auxiliary notebook to "record" the readings while performing experiments. The readings had to be accurate, irrespective of our actual observations. This was seriously bizarre. Someone should tell them that physics experiments rarely give accurate results!! I remember once we had performed an optics experiment. Using 3-4 sets of readings, we had to plot an "expected" straight line graph. I drew a straight line graph(although our readings were too wild for it.. :D) whereas my partner decided to be a little more realistic and showed some deviation from ideal result. Outcome... I got a "good" whereas his graph was crossed!!! In every class, we used to submit our practical files and only then we could mark our attendance. Therefore, in every class we literally struggled to complete our experiments so that we could submit the files in the next class. The penalty of not submitting the files was too harsh(after all ATTENDANCE is what keeps the classrooms and labs full!! :D). Some M.E. students would even take the "pain" of comparing the readings of our files and auxiliary notebooks!!

In another incident, me and my partner had to perform another hopeless experiment. The problem was all the groups that had performed that experiment before us had written the same readings. None of them could come up with even "near accurate" results and hence the same readings kept getting copied from one group to another. Although we tried our best to write somewhat original readings, but ultimately and unwillingly we wrote the same readings. Outcome... the M.E. student who checked our readings somehow read our innocent faces, made us confess our readings were copied and crossed them "generously". I think these teachers really feel good when they get such a chance as they make such a huge and ugly cross that can never be missed out by someone looking into the notebook!! It must have been a proud moment for her. At that moment i thought she herself was a student and must have come across a similar situation as well. Yet, instead of showing some leniency she was so harsh to two students who couldn't lie as boldly as others!! Net outcome... less marks in the mid-sem practicals.

Later on we came to know that it was only physics lab that had so much of unnecessary stringency. I hardly remember any physics practical experiment as they were all useless. Most of other practical classes were quite chilled out. That's why i had said physics lab gives a very wrong impression of other labs!!


  1. The only things I remember about the physics lab are first drawing the graph before taking the readings :P, and being mocked by the Lab-ASS continuously for 6-7 weeks, just because of my name... :D