Memories of childhood.....


Somewhere, each one of us has a child within us. But we deliberately keep it hidden from the world, as we are no more children.... remembering those beautiful days....

How beautiful were those childhood days,

when the child within us had its own ways,

the world was like a big playground,

and we just had to play around,

the heart didn't know of hatred, malice,

and the fear of breaking a rule or promise,

smiles were as real as life and death,

words were as true as each breath,

every new person was a new friend,

the mind was too innocent to comprehend,

those beautiful days were never forever,

once bygone, would come back never,

Now that we are grown up adults,

let's just rediscover the child within us.....


Few thoughts before starting:

Yesterday i read an interesting status message on facebook. It said:
"Two most talked about topics these days are Sachin's 100th century and Aishwariya's baby, but none of them are delivering!!" I couldn't stop laughing after reading this. India is going mad over an unborn child just because he'll be born with a "Bachchan" surname. Isn't it so ridiculously funny. Just think about that little soul who hasn't even entered the world. For him circus is already on and that too at full pace. So much of unnecessary media speculation about when the child will be born is getting inadmissible now. I wonder what will happen when "finally" the child will be born. Then, people will start talking about his name, his horoscope, his expected career(on the basis of horoscope only!!), whether he'll live upto the Bachchan surname or not, etc. I mean please spare the little kid guys. Let him lead a normal childhood!!

It's november and hence it brings back the memories of end semester exams. I'll write a separate post about end sems later on. An interesting part of our end sems was "Previous semester results". Confused??? Well, admin people had this strange habit of declaring semester results in between the end-semester exams of the next semester!! My friends from other colleges always found this weird. In their colleges, results were usually declared within 15-20 days of their semester's completion. But... DCE was different!! There was never an official mention of a date for declaration of results. I remember during end sems, rumours regarding results would start floating in the air and generally results would be out within few days of beginning of these rumours. Because of the prolonged duration of time between our semester's completion and result-declaration, we would vaguely remember the subjects of that particular semester, forget about how the exams went on!! You people might have seen movies like 3 idiots and wake up sid. Both of these movies had quite apt result declaration scenes. The scene in DCE was no different. The entire result used to be displayed on a notice board and within minutes(maybe i should say seconds!!) the place would get overly crowded. Being girls, me and some of my friends had to rely on our male friends who would somehow make way through the crowd and note down our marks. With our heart beats at peak, we would take a look at our marks, take out our calcs, and calculate the percentage. And then, we would run around to ask each and every "accessible" person about his or her marks. On hearing someone's marks less than ours, we would be elated at our hearts and sympathetic by our faces whereas in the opposite scenario, we would be jealous at hearts and appreciative by our faces!! Toppers were addressed as "ghissus". Sometimes, our marks would deviate too much(most of the times negative deviation and sometimes even positive deviation!!) from expected. At such times we would doubt the checking capabilities of our faculty members. However, our toppers were beyond such deviations. I always wondered how come they managed highest marks each time even when there used to be wide variations in the marks of other students. They were truly champs i must say!! I fondly remember all those hysterical moments....

Breaking news: Aishwariya Rai has given birth to a baby girl in the middle of my post!!! May god shower all his blessings on the little one. Finally, indians can stop thinking about when will Aishwariya deliver and start thinking about other things. Something like do we have another Miss World??? :P

Customer Care

Taking a break from my college stories, i thought of writing about "Customer care". Around one month back, we had bought a Santro from the nearest Hyundai showroom. After completing all the formalities when we were just about to leave, the Hyundai guy who had attended us told me that i would get a call from Hyundai in a few days asking me to rate him out of ten. He requested me to rate him ten on ten as anything less than ten was not considered good by the "higher people". After some days, as he had said, i did get a call from Hyundai asking me to rate him and i rated him ten on ten. And then i thought, had he not requested me, i would have casually said seven, eight or nine as it was hardly a matter of concern for me. However for him, his customers, who are complete strangers to him, play a crucial role in deciding the level of his performance and appraisals.

As customers, sometimes we do not understand the plight of customer care people. When we face a problem in using a product or operating a device, we immediately register a complaint with customer care. When our problems are not timely resolved, we even speak rudely to them. Sometimes it turns out to be a very trivial problem on our end. I realised this when i was assigned some support cases by my manager. While working on support cases,we have to be prompt with our replies to the customer. At times debugging even a small error on customer's end or our end takes too much time. A vast code, and that too written by someone else creates further problems. We cannot argue with our customers. We cannot express our frustration. Moreover, customers give their feedback by rating us and the report goes straight to our manager. We cannot afford to get a bad feedback, and hence lose the customer or even the job. Putting our best efforts, we literally give in to their whims and fancies. That's the plight of customer care people.