Customer Care

Taking a break from my college stories, i thought of writing about "Customer care". Around one month back, we had bought a Santro from the nearest Hyundai showroom. After completing all the formalities when we were just about to leave, the Hyundai guy who had attended us told me that i would get a call from Hyundai in a few days asking me to rate him out of ten. He requested me to rate him ten on ten as anything less than ten was not considered good by the "higher people". After some days, as he had said, i did get a call from Hyundai asking me to rate him and i rated him ten on ten. And then i thought, had he not requested me, i would have casually said seven, eight or nine as it was hardly a matter of concern for me. However for him, his customers, who are complete strangers to him, play a crucial role in deciding the level of his performance and appraisals.

As customers, sometimes we do not understand the plight of customer care people. When we face a problem in using a product or operating a device, we immediately register a complaint with customer care. When our problems are not timely resolved, we even speak rudely to them. Sometimes it turns out to be a very trivial problem on our end. I realised this when i was assigned some support cases by my manager. While working on support cases,we have to be prompt with our replies to the customer. At times debugging even a small error on customer's end or our end takes too much time. A vast code, and that too written by someone else creates further problems. We cannot argue with our customers. We cannot express our frustration. Moreover, customers give their feedback by rating us and the report goes straight to our manager. We cannot afford to get a bad feedback, and hence lose the customer or even the job. Putting our best efforts, we literally give in to their whims and fancies. That's the plight of customer care people.


  1. Ahh an eye opener, unless one put himself in the position, one can't understand the true importance of a customer feedback. From now on I'll never be rude to the girls selling me credit cards, rather i'll ask them out for coffee... :P

  2. Ohhh... lucky girls... will get a chance to have coffee with Mr. Akshay Kumar himself!! :D