The Burger Story... :)

Super Mama Ready... :D

Well, how can i "not mention" Kolaveri Di!! I can't get this tune out of my head. I had heard of this song on some news channel that talked about how this song has become too big on youtube. I wondered what was so remarkable about Kolaveri Di. When i heard this song for the first time, i thought it was ok. The lyrics were not so meaningful but the tune was catchy. The more i heard it, the more i liked it. Slowly and gradually, like a sweet poison, this tune got so badly stuck in my head that now it refuses to get out!! I have already amused as well as annoyed two of my cousins by humming it repeatedly.. :D

Tune change... :)

Many years back, two little girls(sisters) went to watch a movie with their family and cousins. During the interval, their father brought them a burger each. They both had seen a burger for the first time and they wondered how they were supposed to eat it. They were too shy to ask others and took sometime to think. Finally they decided to eat all the components of the burger separately. First they ate buns, then tikki and lastly whatever raw vegetables(onion, tomato, cabbage etc) it had. Needless to say they felt burger was a hopeless and a tasteless snack. Next time when they went to watch a movie, again their father brought them a burger each. Again the same thoughts crossed their minds. However, this time they decided to eat all the components together i.e. the way burger is actually eaten. This time they loved it and after that day they wanted to have it every now and then.

Sometimes, different and simple flavours that do not have much of an individuality come together to form a savoury dish. Similarly different people with different mindsets can together make a great team. I hope comparing a burger with people is not so philosophical, is it???? :D

BTW those girls were my mom and my aunt(mom's sis). I don't remember exactly when i had a burger for the first time. I am sure mom must have guided me well.. :)

P.S. Why this kolaver kolaveri kolaveri di.. ;) ;)


  1. very well said in the form of the burger story :)
    Though I yet have to listen to the Kolaveri di for the sake of its popularity!!

  2. Haha... Yes you should hear it... Honestly speaking it's not a brilliant song... I am surprised that i have started liking it so much!!

  3. Hi Prashant... Welcome here... Thanks for liking the post!