Delhi Winters.. :)

Few days back, some of my colleagues were talking about how girls go insanely mad over some of our bollywood actors. One of them said, "Ranbir Kapoor zara saa ro kya de, ladkiyan bolti hain "O My God!! How cute!!", arey bhai ab ismein cute ki kya baat hai!!". Immediately another one said "O My God nahi they say OMG"!! My sarcastic smile somehow escaped their eyes and i thought why do men dislike men "girls lose their hearts to"??? :D :P

Anyways, winters are back!! I am sure most of the Delhiites love and are proud of Delhi winters. Here are some of my unusual(or maybe usual) reasons for loving winters...

We can take sick leaves without sounding ungenuine.. ;) Now that doesn't mean sick leaves are always taken for ungenuine reasons. During winters, falling ill is quite real and obvious. Simple illnesses like cold, cough and fever are good enough to get you some approvable sick leaves. I hope my Manager never reads this!! :D

Some hopelessly coward people(like me :D) can roam around their houses fearlessly because there are no lizards!! Honestly speaking, when it comes to lizards, i might be the most coward person on the earth. The lizards in my house love wandering on the floor rather than the walls, which further scares me. My cowardly behaviour draws a lot of criticism from my dad. However, i can't really help it!!

Even if you put on some weight, the extra flab gets hidden beneath pullovers, blazers and jackets. That doesn't mean weight gain is encouraged during winters :D

Less of sun, less of sunshine and hence, less of skin tan. Although people long for sunshine during winters, i don't really mind if the sun plays hide and seek.. :)

For all the ice-cream lovers(like me again :)), it's a great time to enjoy ice-creams! During summers, ice-cream melts even before we start eating it. There is no such problem during winters. Although having too much of it can leave you with a running nose and sore throat, ice-cream lovers can still manage somehow.. :)

It's a nice time to explore new places other than the usual "Air-Conditioned" malls.

So, these were some of my reasons for loving winters. Hope you all had a great 2011. Don't forget to enjoy the last few days of this eventful year. Happy Winters to all the Delhiites!!

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