A tribute....

I know I should be writing things like Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, etc. But I am sad. Two days back I lost my Tayiji(Aunt). She wasn't suffering from any ailment. She was absolutely fit and healthy. 25th Dec was a usual day for her. In the morning she left from home for a regular morning walk. Then, no one knew she was leaving forever. Just few steps from her house, she was hit by a rashly driven car. It was a typical "Delhilike" hit and run case. She suffered severe head injuries, unconsciously fought for a few days, but finally gave up. It's still so difficult to believe she is no more. May her soul rest in peace. I would like to share a few words....

Sometimes we do not realize,
how less time is left,
the mind somewhere knows,
but the heart refuses to accept,
the people we closely know,
the people we deeply adore,
were not supposed to be forever,
they leave us alone on the shore,
and flow away with the strong waves,
in the sea that is unbound,
we still wait on the shore,
for the sea to turn around,
the sea comes back running,
with a loud and eerie roar,
only to erase the footprints,
they had left while walking on the shore...


  1. gosh Radhika!, am so sorry to hear about your loss..my heartfelt condolences..
    it is anyway heartbreaking to lose a dear one to even a natural death and when it is so tragic and untimely, one feels more..may your aunt RIP
    the poem is really poignant and beautifully written..