Some things in life never change:

There is always a controlling force to dilute our sense of freedom. By controlling force i mean teachers in school, professors in college and managers at work.. :D Since teachers have had teachers, professors have had professors and managers have had managers, people belonging to these three categories shouldn't disagree!!

Seniors always try to exercise their "unethical" right to exploit their submissive juniors. Most of us have been juniors as well as seniors at some point of time in our lives and hence would identify with the above statement.. :D

People always try to grab as many free chocolates as they can!! I was surprised when i saw it happen at work for the first time. Now i have got used to it. Chocolate lovers are everywhere, and in bulk.. :D


So, talking about the assignments, their only significance was our internal marks(10 out of 100) for each subject were based on them(although it's difficult understand how come our faculty members gave different marks to different students for the same assignment!).  10 marks may not sound that significant. Ask those who would come out of the examination hall calculating how many marks would be required to pass!! Out of a class of 60, just 3-4 people made efforts to create an "original" assignment so that rest of us could create its xerox copies. How can i forget to thank them!! Neha Chaturvedi, Pushkar "Chatur" Arora and Shivam Sharma, if you guys happen to read my post someday, kindly acknowledge my thanks and appreciation for all the social work you people have done :D !! You all know how heavily we relied on you and your meticulously done assignments!!

We would just wait for this original assignment and once ready, we would grab it or get it xeroxed to make our hand-written xerox copies. Some people had this habit of coming to the classroom without pens and other stationary. "Extra pen hai kya, Extra sheets hain kya, pencil scale hai kya", these were their typical dialogues. I mean how can someone come to the classroom without a pen!! We would then go the library/canteen/some vacant classroom to complete all the copying work. One good thing about assignments is they can make the most notorious person look serious and studious. Seeing the most infamous and inattentive people struggling to complete their assignments was quite a funny sight!! I always tried to use as many sheets as possible so that the assignment could look a bit bulky :D. After completing the copying work, the sheets had to be stapled. In the whole class, just one or two "famous" students had staplers(one was me :D) and others would queue up to get their sheets stapled. Assignment completed!!

We would hardly bother about the content of the assignment. I remember once a lecturer told us she had found the same mistake in the first few assignments that she had checked. Immediately someone whispered, "Mam baakiyon mein bhi same mistake hogi fir" :D. So were our assignments and so were we!!

P.S. Why do people come online if they are busy?? I have never understood that...

The Versatile Blogger!!

A big thanks to Uma for nominating me for the "Versatile Blogger Award"!! She has been a "Notable Newbie" at blogadda and therefore, being nominated by her has further added to my excitement!! Here are some rules to be followed that i have come to know of through her blogpost:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you 
Thanks again Uma!! I am really thrilled!! :)

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the same and inform them too
I would like to nominate the following people:
Smita Sharma Dabas: An English Teacher by profession, she writes excellent poetry and short stories.
Sakshi Shioramwar: Although she does not blog frequently, her posts are quite thoughtful.
Sharad Kumar: He has been a "Notable Newbie" at blogadda as well!
Akshay Kumar: A genuinely versatile blogger, his posts are quite different and interesting to read.
These are the only names I could think of.

3. Add the Versatile Blogger image to your post

4. Lastly, write 7 random facts about yourself

The last one is slightly tricky, but i'll try.

1) Some of my friends at work call me "LOGIC" because they feel at times i say things tooo logically, somewhat like an insane character from The Big Bang Theory :D!! Well, being an engineer from a college like DCE that is full of such insane characters, does have some side-effects!!

2) I am obsessed with chocolates, and cheese!! Whenever i go to an eating-joint, i do get a lot of options to choose from. But, ultimately my choice narrows down to food items having these two ingredients. :D

3) I genuinely aspire to become a good cook one day. However, my mom highly doubts my cooking abilities because of my poor "salt tasting skills". :D

4) My first crush was Hrithik Roshan. I was around ten years old when Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai was released and i had literally gone mad over him!! I have seen this movie innumerable times and even now, i can see any of his movies any number of times!! :)

5) I am a trained violinist and so far i have managed to find good and appreciating audience everywhere(school, college and even at my workplace). However, i was once hit by tomatoes by none other than my hopeless brother who has still not learnt to appreciate the violinist in me!!

6) Whenever i get angry, my expressionless face and near zero voice-levels fail me(because during anger, people are supposed to frown and shout!!) and hence, people generally do not come to know of my anger!! 

7) There have been a number of proud moments in my life(Touch wood!!). The one that i fondly remember was when i handed over my first salary to my parents. :) 

So, these were some random facts about me. Slightly difficult, but was fun!! Uma, Thanks again!! Hope you like my post!!

Welcome 2012.. :)


As it is said, let bygones be bygones. Let's get over the unpleasant memories of the past year and move ahead with the beautiful ones. Let's look forward to a beautiful tomorrow. I wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous 2012. May the coming year bring with it lots of happiness and joy. May it take away all the sorrows of life. Happy New Year once again!!