Some things in life never change:

There is always a controlling force to dilute our sense of freedom. By controlling force i mean teachers in school, professors in college and managers at work.. :D Since teachers have had teachers, professors have had professors and managers have had managers, people belonging to these three categories shouldn't disagree!!

Seniors always try to exercise their "unethical" right to exploit their submissive juniors. Most of us have been juniors as well as seniors at some point of time in our lives and hence would identify with the above statement.. :D

People always try to grab as many free chocolates as they can!! I was surprised when i saw it happen at work for the first time. Now i have got used to it. Chocolate lovers are everywhere, and in bulk.. :D


So, talking about the assignments, their only significance was our internal marks(10 out of 100) for each subject were based on them(although it's difficult understand how come our faculty members gave different marks to different students for the same assignment!).  10 marks may not sound that significant. Ask those who would come out of the examination hall calculating how many marks would be required to pass!! Out of a class of 60, just 3-4 people made efforts to create an "original" assignment so that rest of us could create its xerox copies. How can i forget to thank them!! Neha Chaturvedi, Pushkar "Chatur" Arora and Shivam Sharma, if you guys happen to read my post someday, kindly acknowledge my thanks and appreciation for all the social work you people have done :D !! You all know how heavily we relied on you and your meticulously done assignments!!

We would just wait for this original assignment and once ready, we would grab it or get it xeroxed to make our hand-written xerox copies. Some people had this habit of coming to the classroom without pens and other stationary. "Extra pen hai kya, Extra sheets hain kya, pencil scale hai kya", these were their typical dialogues. I mean how can someone come to the classroom without a pen!! We would then go the library/canteen/some vacant classroom to complete all the copying work. One good thing about assignments is they can make the most notorious person look serious and studious. Seeing the most infamous and inattentive people struggling to complete their assignments was quite a funny sight!! I always tried to use as many sheets as possible so that the assignment could look a bit bulky :D. After completing the copying work, the sheets had to be stapled. In the whole class, just one or two "famous" students had staplers(one was me :D) and others would queue up to get their sheets stapled. Assignment completed!!

We would hardly bother about the content of the assignment. I remember once a lecturer told us she had found the same mistake in the first few assignments that she had checked. Immediately someone whispered, "Mam baakiyon mein bhi same mistake hogi fir" :D. So were our assignments and so were we!!

P.S. Why do people come online if they are busy?? I have never understood that...


  1. Though throughout this blog post you've tried to create an impression that copying assignments is fun, but trust me having an 'original' assignment is far more fun... damn I used to be one of those originals :P :D
    and the only complement one get in return of the original assignment was 'Arre kitna bada assignment kiya hai'

    P.S. I'll make sure chatur, oops Pushkar read this :)

    1. Well, since i have never experienced the fun of creating an "original assignment", i was not aware!!
      Lol@ the bada assignment statement :D :D

  2. answer to P.S. --> so that they can disturb you at their leisure, while have all the ethical right in the world to neglect you pings, "I was busy you know" :)

  3. Another funny answer by a friend of mine: Because they like red colour and not green.. :D

  4. This was funny and reminiscent of the fantastic college days(which never seemed fantastic then!!)
    nicely written:)

  5. Thanks mam... That's the story of almost every DCEite!! :)