The Versatile Blogger!!

A big thanks to Uma for nominating me for the "Versatile Blogger Award"!! She has been a "Notable Newbie" at blogadda and therefore, being nominated by her has further added to my excitement!! Here are some rules to be followed that i have come to know of through her blogpost:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you 
Thanks again Uma!! I am really thrilled!! :)

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the same and inform them too
I would like to nominate the following people:
Smita Sharma Dabas: An English Teacher by profession, she writes excellent poetry and short stories.
Sakshi Shioramwar: Although she does not blog frequently, her posts are quite thoughtful.
Sharad Kumar: He has been a "Notable Newbie" at blogadda as well!
Akshay Kumar: A genuinely versatile blogger, his posts are quite different and interesting to read.
These are the only names I could think of.

3. Add the Versatile Blogger image to your post

4. Lastly, write 7 random facts about yourself

The last one is slightly tricky, but i'll try.

1) Some of my friends at work call me "LOGIC" because they feel at times i say things tooo logically, somewhat like an insane character from The Big Bang Theory :D!! Well, being an engineer from a college like DCE that is full of such insane characters, does have some side-effects!!

2) I am obsessed with chocolates, and cheese!! Whenever i go to an eating-joint, i do get a lot of options to choose from. But, ultimately my choice narrows down to food items having these two ingredients. :D

3) I genuinely aspire to become a good cook one day. However, my mom highly doubts my cooking abilities because of my poor "salt tasting skills". :D

4) My first crush was Hrithik Roshan. I was around ten years old when Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai was released and i had literally gone mad over him!! I have seen this movie innumerable times and even now, i can see any of his movies any number of times!! :)

5) I am a trained violinist and so far i have managed to find good and appreciating audience everywhere(school, college and even at my workplace). However, i was once hit by tomatoes by none other than my hopeless brother who has still not learnt to appreciate the violinist in me!!

6) Whenever i get angry, my expressionless face and near zero voice-levels fail me(because during anger, people are supposed to frown and shout!!) and hence, people generally do not come to know of my anger!! 

7) There have been a number of proud moments in my life(Touch wood!!). The one that i fondly remember was when i handed over my first salary to my parents. :) 

So, these were some random facts about me. Slightly difficult, but was fun!! Uma, Thanks again!! Hope you like my post!!


  1. wow Radhika, that was quick!
    lol # 3 and 6. Don't worry, you'll be a good cook someday..
    I loved reading this, Miss LOGIC, err..Radhika!

    1. Thanks Uma :D n as far as cooking is concerned, maybe i should start with desserts.. bcz they don't have salt.. :D :D

  2. ooh..versatile bloggers are we,
    knowing which has brought us a lot of glee,
    (also we both love chocolate & cheese)
    full of substance and rich in content are our blogs,
    and so we'll definitely collect more of wows..!!
    LOL..interesting facts abt u..will make sure to increase the frequency of my blogs & yes thank u:)

    1. You are most welcome mam.. :) n thanks a lot for the "maiden poetic comment" on my blog!! :) would love to read more of your posts..

  3. "A genuinely versatile blogger" honestly, I'm flattered.
    Calls for a post dedicated to you... tomorrow
    Oops can't dedicate it to you, a piece of broken heart poetry :P people can get wrong impressions :D

    1. Haha!! Well, even i would prefer to stay away from broken heart poetries.. :D

  4. Good that you have a choice to stay away... everyone is not that 'lucky' despite their petname being 'lucky :)