Expert Critics!!

Yesterday I met CD(Charu Di), Nikhil jiju and their little bundle of joy, Aarav(their seven months old son). It was truly delightful to see them after such a long time. And Aarav, you are so so cute!! I couldn't take my eyes off you!! It was so fascinating and blissful to watch your moves and cute expressions, to hear your musical voice, and to hold you in my arms :). May god give you all the happiness in the world.. :)


Few days back, I watched Agneepath. The opening day figures have already said it all. It's a well made movie with some great performances. Although it has a lot of violence, being a Hrithik Roshan fan I was able to tolerate the violent scenes. So, whenever bollywood classics are remade, some people graciously enlighten others with their (not so) expert views. Two kinds of people generally give a negative feedback to such remakes. 
Without even watching the remake, they predict it's going to be a disaster. They watch the remake with a preconceived notion about it being a supposedly ambitious but nowhere close to the original one.  Their comparisons never stop. "The new one is no match to the original one", "The actors in the remake are not impressive"(as if they know all about acting), "The music in the new one was pathetic", etc are some of their common dialogues. 
These people watch the remake with full enthusiasm and excitement and even like it. However, they tend to get influenced by the above mentioned category of people. They do not show much of their appreciation(despite being highly appreciative) so that they may not sound "foolish" while speaking about a well made, ambitious but "maybe" not as good as the original film. "The remake was good but the original was better", "The actors were good but the ones in the original were better", etc are some of their common dialogues.

What I feel is that when classics are remade, the purpose of the film-makers is not to make a better or superior film. Their purpose is to make a modernized version of the old film. The thoughts, lifestyle, likes and dislikes of the people now are much different from what they used to be 30-40 years back. The kind of technology that is used in film-making is much more advanced and therefore thoughts like "How would this classic look if it was made today" fascinate our film-makers. When agneepath was released, i got to hear different comments from different people. Some compared the acting skills of Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan as if they had been asked to scrutinize!! Now how can people compare two brilliant actors one of whom is incomparable!! Thankfully, i haven't seen the original agneepath and hence, i didn't have to answer the comparison related questions like which one was better etc. 

P.S. The chikni chameli song was the show stealer!! I cannot forget the hooting!! Men will remain men... ;)


  1. What a refreshing post.. Very nice.

  2. I hate that song... no class at all, the dance moves are vulgar n cheap, no sensuality at all... o charisma... (men will be men):D

    1. On the contrary, i think men like such songs(except exceptions offcourse)!! :D