I promise...

Today i got some text messages from some of my friends saying Happy Promise Day. It was then that i came to know today is Promise day. Well, somehow i feel making a promise cannot be as simple as saying Happy Promise Day, or even sending a text message. On the contrary, i also feel if we refrain from making great promises(that will be broken in future), making promises can be simple as well. So, here are my seven promises to my friends and well wishers that I'll always keep.... :-)

1. I promise that I'll never miss out any opportunity to poke fun at your stupidities or to pull your leg with whatever little sarcasm and sense of humour I have! :D

2. Whenever you will cry, I'll be there with a box of good quality tissue papers so that apart from wiping your tears, you could blow your nose as well! :D :P

3. If you'll need my help, I'll be there for you. I'll try my best to be of help to you, without expecting anything in return...... except some chocolates!! :D

4. Whenever you'll forget my birthday or some important event, I'll make you feel so guilty that you'll be compelled to come up with some impressive idea or gifts to please me!

5. Whenever you'll bore me with your long and useless conversations(here useless means anything that is not even distantly relevant to me), I'll definitely sulk. However, being poor at expressing anger, I'll continue to get bored patiently.

6. If you'll genuinely/intentionally forget to read my blog, I'll remind you of it so that you may not miss out the thoughtful words of an intelligent writer! :D 

7. I promise I'll never let out your secrets... till you do not let out mine!! :D :P

P.S. I think my post lacks in emotional content. So an additional one: If you'll be hesitant about telling me something, I promise that I'll understand... :-)