What's a Goodbye????

We meet new people in our lives. Some stay with us, and some part ways with Goodbyes...

A Goodbye doesn't mean separation,
It means a promise to meet again,
A Goodbye isn't withering heat,
It's a hope of blissful rain,
A Goodbye isn't today's sunset,
It's a belief in tomorrow's sunrise,
A Goodbye isn't a give up call,
It's an effort of repeated tries,
A Goodbye isn't a waterfall,
It's the sea that comes back to shore,
A Goodbye isn't the end,
It's a zeal to live once more,
Yes, Goodbye is difficult to say,
And even difficult to be left unsaid,
And hence for all the good reasons,
 A Goodbye must be said...

Questions and Answers!

I have been tagged by Uma to answer 11 questions. Let me mention the rules first:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post & then create 11 new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3. Tag 11 people and link to them on your post.

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

I am scared of creating new questions part. Can't come up with any at the moment. Maybe I'll come up with new questions while writing my answers. Here they are:

Q1Which was the recent book you read and what is your take on it?
Ans. Well, I don't read much, I mean I don't read books very often but yes I do read some blogs regularly. The last book I had read was Chetan Bhagat's Two States. I found the story very bollywood type. I finished reading it in one day without getting bored. Still, I feel it was no match to Five point someone.

Q2.  If you were to choose between the Epic characters Karna and Bhishma, whom would you choose and why?
Ans. I had to google about Karna and Bhishma to answer this one. I would choose Bhishma as somehow I find his character stronger. Firstly, he had a blessing that he would die if and when he would be willing to die. Secondly, even Karna greatly admired him.  And lastly, given my poor knowledge of Mahabharata, i don't know how justified my answer is... :D

Q3. Which has been your most memorable trip so far? Any incidents or anecdotes you'd care to share?
Ans. I was around 14 years old when I had gone to Siliguri, West Bengal with my family and some of my Dad's friends. My Uncle was a DIG in BSF, and was posted there. We went to Darjeeling, and Sikkim too. On that trip I got a chance to visit three borders: Indo-Bangladesh, Indo-Nepal and Indo-China. It was a new and a different experience. Read more about my visit to Bangladesh border.

Q4. Mountains or the sea? 
Ans. I have seen a lot of mountains but I haven't seen enough of sea. So I would say sea. Also, somehow sea fascinates me more.

Q5. What is the one thing (dream/ ambition) you would like to accomplish yet?
Ans. Ok, please don't laugh at this one, it's my dream to own a FERRARI one day. I have some other dreams/ambitions as well, but i guess fulfilling this one is going to be really tough... but definitely not impossible!!

Q6. What according to you makes a good writer/blogger? Do you consider yourself as one?
Ans. According to me, a good writer is one who technically speaking, writes well. A good blogger is one, who apart from being good at writing, is good at attracting more readers. I feel blogging has no meaning if you do not have readers. And, howsoever "technically good" you might be at writing, if people do not find your words appealing, they won't read your posts. So, for a good blogger, it's quite challenging to come with interesting posts that keep the blog lively. As far as I am concerned, I don't know. I certainly make my efforts, but I'll leave it to the readers.

Q7. What is your favourite outfit?
Ans. Something that makes me feel comfortable: A pair of blue jeans with a simple tee/kurta/shirt.  

Q8. Who is better: Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid?
Ans. My heart goes with Sachin. I have always been a Sachin Tendulkar fan. It was because of him that I started liking cricket. Undoubtedly Rahul Dravid is a great player and i admire him for his patience and intelligent play under pressure. Still, as i said, my heart goes with Sachin. 

Q9. If you had the power to change one thing about yourself or your life so far, what would it be?
Ans. I wish i was more talkative and expressive. That doesn't mean I don't talk at all. I talk a lot when i am with my close friends and family members. But in general, I am quite reserved and take time to open up to new people. Sometimes my reserved nature is misunderstood as arrogance. 

Q10. Are you in touch with your best friend from school days?
Ans. Yes, I am in touch with my best friend from school days. Although we do not talk very often, whenever we do, it never feels like we are talking after a long time. The best part is, despite the reduced conversations, we never had any hard feelings towards each other. We never misunderstood each other over pity things like "you don't call me", "you don't meet me", "you have forgotten me", etc. So though not so often, we always talk/meet wholeheartedly, without any complaints. 

Q11. What was/is your favourite subject in school/college? why?
Ans. In school I liked language subjects like hindi, english, sanskrit and even C++ as I found them easier as compared to other subjects. They required a preparation time of just one or two days and never gave me sleepless nights like most of the other subjects did!! In college i liked analog and digital electronics as they made sense, unlike most of our engineering subjects.

Phew!! I thought i was writing an exam which is now over!! Now comes another difficult part, 11 new questions. Here they are:

Q1. If humans were colours, what colour would you be and why?
Q2. Who was your first crush and how old were you at that time?
Q3. What do you miss more: school or college?
Q4. What's the one thing you would definitely do(other than corruption.. :P) if you were made the Prime Minister of our country?
Q5. Whom are you closer to: mom or dad?
Q6. Some childhood mischief you fondly remember?
Q7. Which is more important and why: love or friendship?
Q8. What's you favourite cartoon character?
Q9. What kind of music do you like?
Q10. Who do you think is the worst bollywood actor and why?
Q11. Do you think Sachin should retire? Why?

I would like to tag the following people(I can't say how many of them will take up the tag):
Sakshi Shioramwar 
Sharad Kumar
Smita Sharma Dabas
Akshay Kumar
Charu Bajaj Arora
Mohit Kharbanda
Tushar Joy Lakra
Prateek Jain

Wedding freaks!!

Yesterday I read a status message by one of my classmates in DCE. It said, "It is not advisable to go to a family marriage if you are hovering anywhere near the age of 23 unless you are ready to get married there and then!!". Then, I realised it happens with a lot of people!! Since this message came from a guy, it can be understood that for girls, the situation is further difficult. Once you are a graduate, the whole family starts talking about your marriage. The family functions start freaking you out. You feel scared when some unknown aunties stare at you. You feel apprehensive when you are introduced to some never seen before relatives. Suddenly your good girl/good boy image starts creating problems for you. Suddenly the thoughts of getting married start haunting and daunting you. Saying that doesn't mean that i disrespect or disregard marriage. Marriage is a big responsibility. Elders should understand that it's not a nursery admission that must be done when you reach a particular age!! One shouldn't get married because one has to get married one day, until and unless one is ready to face the drastic changes in his/her life post marriage. Moreover, i find the concept of arranged marriages quite obscure. I don't understand how two people decide to become life partners just by looking at each other and exchanging a few short conversations. These days, arranged marriages fail so often, all because  of some common relatives who proudly bring two wrong people together. Somehow, it's easier to convince the close family people regarding your unwillingness to get married. But who can stop the relatives who are never short of "ideal" marriage proposals!! Needless to say, relatives scare me more!! One of the comments in the whole status message discussion was "I am surprised girls don't get kidnapped!!", and so am I...  :D

Holi Hai!!


Holi remains incomplete without some nice holi songs like:

Holi ke din dil khil jaate hain,
Rangon mein rang mil jaate hain,
Gile shikve bhool ke doston,
Dushman bhi gale mil jaate hain...

A very happy and colouful holi to all my readers. Have great celebrations. Enjoy!! :-)