What's a Goodbye????

We meet new people in our lives. Some stay with us, and some part ways with Goodbyes...

A Goodbye doesn't mean separation,
It means a promise to meet again,
A Goodbye isn't withering heat,
It's a hope of blissful rain,
A Goodbye isn't today's sunset,
It's a belief in tomorrow's sunrise,
A Goodbye isn't a give up call,
It's an effort of repeated tries,
A Goodbye isn't a waterfall,
It's the sea that comes back to shore,
A Goodbye isn't the end,
It's a zeal to live once more,
Yes, Goodbye is difficult to say,
And even difficult to be left unsaid,
And hence for all the good reasons,
 A Goodbye must be said...


  1. In that case, I will take her mobile num and skype/yahoo ID. Do you really think people say goodbye these days?

    1. Well.. saying goodbye doesn't mean ppl won't keep in touch through phone/internet etc.. for example when i meet my friends after a long time, we all spend a fun-filled day, and before leaving we all say goodbye(for now), we'll meet again soon... that's the interpretation of goodbye i wanted to convey..

  2. we need to know some people cant stay in our lives even how hard you try to make them happy .
    today i said goodbye to the gal i loved such dear.
    sometime love comes only once in life..
    have meet her only once and now memories are the only thing i have.

    1. True.. but sometimes the heart still lives with a hope of meeting that person again...