Some sweet family moments.. :-)

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Howsoever high a tree may grow, its roots will always keep it grounded. If we are trees, our families are our roots that keep us grounded. As a participant in Blogadda's "My Family Memories" writing contest, I take this opportunity to share some cherished moments with my family. Although there are many, I fondly remember the one when mom and dad shared  the experiences of their pre-wedding days  with me and my bro. Both my parents are doctors and theirs was an arranged marriage. For dad, it was love at first sight. I still remember his sparkling eyes when he told us how smitten he was when he saw mom for the first time and immediately said yes!! When I asked mom about her first thoughts about dad, she said he looked better than his photograph. Both the families took no long to say YES!! Mom and dad got engaged in May(i guess) 1988 and their wedding date was 2nd december 1988. So by their wedding, they had actually fallen in love. They also told us about their first date. Their work places were far. Dad came to pick mom on his two wheeler. Like a romantic bollywood movie, it turned out to be a rainy day.  Dad parked his two-wheeler and they both went to Nirulas, a popular eating joint. On that date, mom tasted pizza for the very first time, and she fondly remembers that. Dad also told us about their first kiss(and in those days, kiss meant a light peck on cheeks.. ;)), at which mom got shy and asked him to shut up!! Dad was in high spirits by then and continued speaking. Mom then naughtily ridiculed him by telling us that he was more nervous than her,and we all burst out into laughter.. :D Dad used to write poetry and obviously he wrote many romantic verses for mom.. :-) Knowing about mom and dad's love story was enjoyable and adorable. There was no internet, no cell phones, no messages, no video chats, but there was definitely love..  :-)

It's a girl...

I have a younger brother. Around twenty years back when he was about to enter this world, I am sure my grandparents must have had apprehensions regarding the gender of their second grandchild. In older days, having a son was extremely important. Birth of a girl child was hardly celebrated. Daughters were supposed to get married and engage themselves in the household work whereas sons were supposed to provide the financial support to the family. For the parents, son was meant to be their budhaape ka sahara(support during their old age). Therefore, people who had two(or more) daughters generally decided to have third child hoping it would be a son. Times are much different now. Girls are much more independent and ambitious these days. And therefore I am surprised to see that people still live with this mindset, and not just the uneducated ones!! I have seen some well educated people opt for  third child("son"). There are numerous examples of sons who have literally deserted their parents to settle abroad and lead an independent life. There are some in my close family circle as well. Such sons provide a good financial support to their parents despite being far. However they don't realize they are depriving their parents of all the love and care that is no less important than the financial support. One day i was chatting with a friend at work. Her mother is a social worker and regularly visits a particular old-age home. In that old-age home, there are a lot of elderly people who have been abandoned by their sons. Some people are regularly visited by their daughters. Saying that doesn't mean that all the sons neglect their parents. But these days even daughters are capable of fulfilling the responsibilities that sons were expected to fulfill in older times. Therefore, I completely disagree with the concept that only sons can support parents and hence it is extremely important to have a son. There is nothing wrong in having third child(err... maybe given our ever growing population, it is).  However, the mindset that compels people to have third child is wrong... 

Driving in Delhi

Yesterday, when I was coming back from work, I got to see a funny sight. There is a T-Point red light near my place. I was waiting for the signal to go green. Suddenly, a big herd of cattle emerged out of nowhere!! Thankfully I was inside the car with windows up. There was a guy on bike ahead of me. He was startled to find himself surrounded by so many cows and buffaloes and lost his balance, didn't fall  though. The cattle, (mis)guided by their cowman, kept moving. Meanwhile the traffic policemen watched the show like nerds. I just smiled thinking, "It happens only in India"!! The cattle managed to make way through the traffic somehow. Driving on the roads of Delhi can be so chaotic at times. Moreover, there is no dearth of male chauvinists who live with the preconceived notion that girls can't drive. They never miss giving a weird glance to the female drivers who honk or overtake them. Not just men, even women underestimate the driving capabilities of other women. I remember another incident when i was driving back to home. I saw two women who were about to cross. I slowed down so that they could cross. One of them had barely started walking when the other one held her hand to stop her and said something while pointing at me, which I could easily infer as "ladki chalaa rahi hai(the car is being driven by a girl)". I was so perplexed at that moment!! I thought maybe instead of slowing down, I should have sped up to make myself look more confident and proficient!! For sure, every Indian driver(and even pedestrian) knows one thing: The road belongs to his Daddy(Baap ki sadak hai)!!