Dedicated to all the Mothers...


I know it's a bit late and I should have posted this on Mothers' Day. But, I hadn't written this piece of poetry till then. It was after reading a beautiful Mothers' Day poem by a friend that I thought of writing one.

She is the winters' sunshine,
She is a peaceful shrine,
She is the night's lullaby,
She is the dawn's crimson sky,
She is a bundle of flowers,
She is the twinkling stars,
She is a beautiful prayer,
Warmth and utmost care,
She is the desert's pond,
She is the strongest bond,
She is an understanding friend,
An angel god has sent,
She is an ocean of love,
Hence there can be no one above,

A Mother...

Workshop@DCE - Part I

Finally, a college post after a long time!! So, workshop was a part of our curriculum in the first and second semesters. In the first semester it comprised of fitting, foundary and welding and in the second semester it had sheet metal work and forging. In this post I'll write about my workshop experiences during our first semester. Till date, I haven't understood why the Electronics and Communication engineers were made to go through the tortures of workshop!! I seriously feel it was not required at all!!

Going to the workshop was a serious business as it was monitored by a strict faculty member from mechanical department. Use of mobile phone was prohibited and it was mandatory to wear shoes and a kitchen like apron in the workshop class. Now let me elaborate on fitting, foundary and welding.

Out of the three, fitting was the one I had attended first. After a brief demonstration, we were given thick rectangular iron bars and a saw to cut three "dimensionally equal" iron pieces with straight edges. Earlier, I had seen our plumber use a similar saw to cut and mend iron pipes. Never in my life I had imagined that I would be doing the same one day!! I started cutting the first iron piece quite enthusiastically. Initially i was surprised to see that I was able to do so. But slowly and gradually all the enthusiasm flew away leaving me with the hopeless saw and "saw-resistant" iron pieces. Somehow i managed to cut three iron pieces that were (needless to say :D) dimensionally unequal with zigzag edges.. :D Then we were supposed to file the iron pieces to smoothen the (zigzag) edges as well as the surface. It seemed like a never ending process. I filed and filed and filed, but the iron pieces never got filed!! Later on, I realized the futility of my efforts as most of the iron pieces had got exchanged in the next class and a lot of people couldn't find their own iron pieces!!:D

Before the welding class, I had thought we would be given some nice glares to put on and welding would be fun. Contrary to my imagination, we were given big, heavy and unwearable masks that we were supposed to hold in our left hand while welding with the right hand. Initially i didn't realize how the masks were to be used as i could see nothing but my own reflection in them. It was only when the welding process was demonstrated that we could see the flame through the masks. First we had to cut two iron pieces and then we were supposed to weld them. Also we were supposed to wear a jumbo sized glove  while welding. It was so big that my hand nearly got lost in it. There were two working machines and nearly 25 of us had to complete the assigned task.  During my turn, i held the mask in my left hand and the welding torch(which was again heavy) in my right, tried to weld the pieces and failed miserably. The thin iron rod(held by the welding torch) had to be placed exactly between the two iron pieces but the mask was such that nothing was visible through it!! After hopelessly trying 2-3 times i realized a long queue had formed behind me. Ultimately one of my classmates welded my iron pieces so that others could also proceed!! :D 

Foundry was fun. It was like dirtying the hands while playing with mud. The only problem was we had to play sincerely as we were marked :D. We had to place an iron mould inside a frame and fill it with mud. The mud had to be rammed and packed properly so that we could get a perfect mud mould on taking out the iron mould. This was to be done in groups of 4-5 people and again we messed up by ramming it softly due to which the mud wasn't packed properly and hence our mould turned out to be too fragile...

To be continued...

My 100th post!! :-)

Finally, I am writing my 100th post!! Feeling super excited!! First of all, I would like to thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart. You all motivate me to write. Blogging has been a wonderful experience. Interacting with different kinds of people, with different perceptions is quite fascinating. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we do not, but  it's always interesting to share what we feel. So today, I thought of  revisiting some of my (older)popular and favourite posts. Sometime back, Uma had done the same to mark her 100th post. I liked the idea and so, doing the same. Thanks for the idea Uma.. :-)

With over 4000 views(and still counting), this has been the most popular of all my posts till date. I wrote this poem after republic day this year. While watching some inspiring stories on TV, I thought of paying a small tribute to our soldiers through some poetic lines.

The name says it all. It's about how I started blogging. One of my most memorable posts.. :-)

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Dear Readers,
Thank you all once again!! Please keep supporting and motivating me!!

Facebook hampers growth??? How!!

This is going to be a debatable topic. Some time back, I had read an article about whether access to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc should be restricted in offices or not. Different people had different views regarding this. Currently I am working as an R&D Engineer in an MNC and few days back we were asked not to use facebook during working hours(although the access is not restricted) as it "hampers" productivity and growth. Again I would say, different people can have different views regarding the same. This is what I think:
There was facebook when I completed my schooling with a good percentage in XII, got selected in a popular engineering college, managed a decent aggregate in semester exams and finally got selected in a core company of my choice of domain. I don't think facebook ever hampered my progress. On the contrary, it always helped me to keep in touch with my school and college friends, teachers, relatives and cousins i.e. people I would otherwise not meet or talk to very often. Elder people somehow feel that youngsters are addicted to facebook these days. But according to me, facebook is not an addiction. It has become a part of our lives, much like a cell phone, computer, television etc. Like there are some people who are addicted to cell phone, computer, television etc, there are facebook addicts too. But this cannot be generalized to all the facebook users. People who are professionals, are responsible enough to understand their priorities. They are no fools who would take a stroll on facebook at the cost of their work and deadlines. I don't think it is justified to dictate such terms to them. Hence I feel employees should be given the liberty to access social networking sites at work.

What do you think??