Oooops Moment...!!

I have been tagged by Nibedita  to share an Oooops moment or an embarrassing moment of my life. Well there are quite a few, here is a the one I would like to share... :-)

This incident is around one and a half years old. I was in my final semester. I had a 320 GB hard disk that had been damaged. We had given that hard disk to an engineer, M, papa's employee, so that he could retrieve the important data. After few days of giving him the hard disk, I called him to get an update on whether he has retrieved any files or not. This was our conversation:

M: Hello
Me: Hello, M Bhaiyya??
M: ehh(sounding confused)... Yes.
Me: Bhaiyya any progress on hard disk?? Have you retrieved any files??
M: Which hard disk??
Me: The hard disk I had given you one week back?? Forgotten??
M: Radhika I am M, Y's friend!!
It took me a while to understand what he said. I realized I had called the wrong person. I immediately checked my phone contacts. One was M and exactly below M was M Bhaiyya. I was supposed to call M Bhaiyya but by mistake I had called M who was my friend Y's boyfriend. I had met him just once, when he had planned a surprise for Y on her birthday. I had never spoken to him after that, which is very obvious, I mean why would I speak to my friend's boyfriend!! Even worse, Y was about to break up with him, regarding which he was absolutely clueless!!
Me: Oooops!! I am so sorry, I called you by mistake. I had to call some other M.
M: (Laughing..)It's ok. Even I was wondering why you were calling me Bhaiyya. I thought maybe you were saying it respectfully as I am elder than you!!
Me: Ok, sorry again.. Bye!!

 Later on I shared this incident with my friends, especially Y, and needless to say they all were quite amused. So guys, do you have any Oooops moment to share???

Dedicated to all the Fathers...


You held my finger and taught me how to walk,
At times I moved, at times I fell,
You were always there to tell,
As many times I might fall,
The process of trying shall never stall.
Later on you taught me how to run,
Again I fell and hurt my knee,
You always kept an eye on me,
You bandaged my wounds to lessen my pain,
So that I could get up and run again.
The road of life has ups and downs,
Together we'll cross the valleys and mounts,
Because no hand is stronger than yours,
Because no arms are longer than yours.
I know when you scold me at my faults,
Inside you too feel emotional jolts,
Maybe at times I displease you,
But you are the one I always look up to.
Yes there are times when we disagree,
Separated like two ends of sea,
Together we'll make the ends meet,
Whatever tough times we face, we'll beat.
You are my sky, you are my ground,
I feel secure when you are around,
Dear Papa, my heart wants to tell you,
The first man in my life will always be you.
Promise me, unlike the slippery sand,
You won't ever let go of my hand....

Satyamev Jayate

As most of us know, Satyamev Jayate is a popular show that airs every Sunday and is hosted by Aamir Khan. Ever since it has started, I have heard a lot of varied views about it. Some people found the show extremely depressing and disturbing. Some felt it was just an attempt by Aamir Khan to hog limelight and earn crores. Some said it was just another talk show that would be watched and forgotten. Well, I have watched all the episodes of Satyamev Jayate that have aired so far and all I have is respect and admiration for the makers of this show. Each episode throws light upon a social issue, issues that we are aware of but we refuse to ponder upon. I am really impressed with the kind of research that is done to highlight the impact of such issues on our society. Girl foeticide, child abuse, dowry, honour killings, etc are nothing but the brutal reality of our society. Hence, it is very important for us to be aware and alert so that we can prevent ourselves from becoming victims of these social evils. We cannot turn a blind eye to them. Life is not like mushy-mushy and lovey-dovey movies where everything is beautiful and out of this world. We cannot assume that these incidents cannot happen with us and therefore it is extremely important to be wary of our surroundings. I don't understand why people who enjoy watching all the mindless reality shows, turn their faces when they are shown the "real" reality!! For Aamir Khan I would say I have become his bigger fan now. He is a celebrity and he has every right to hog limelight. He is a star and he has every right to earn crores. People do not realize that this guy is using his stardom for a noble cause. There are many celebrities who host/judge reality shows and do all the unnecessary drama to gain high TRPs. And here is Aamir, hosting a sincere show, where facts are not manipulated and hidden truth is unveiled fearlessly. Maybe he is earning crores, but undoubtedly his words have reached and motivated millions of people across our country. Some days back i read an article that said Satyamev Jayate has not managed very high TRPs. But truly, this show is beyond TRPs and according to me, every episode is a win for the makers!! Salutes to Satyamev Jayate, a must watch for all the Indians!!

Manali Trip Memories.. :-)

Before starting, I would like to congratulate my batchmates from DCE/ECE who recently completed an year at work. Seriously, time flies!! Congratulations guys!! Wish you many more milestones and lots of luck.. Keep going!! :-)

Recently I went to Manali on a family trip. I desperately needed a break from Corporate life. We enjoyed a lot and on the whole it was a great trip!! I would like to share some of my memorable experiences.

Manikaran Gurudwara

It was on the way to Manali. This gurudwara is famous for its natural hot water springs. We actually boiled rice in it. And not just rice, the food served in the gurudwara is cooked using the heat of this steaming water.

Paragliding@Solang Valley
It was an amazing experience!! At Solang valley, we had the option of jumping from three heights. Initially I was a bit hesitant, but ultimately chose the highest point. First we went up via trolley. Then we trekked to reach the paragliding point that was a few metres down. I was quite nervous when we reached there. The thought of jumping from a mountain cliff does sound scary, doesn't it??

Yes, this is me accompanied by the paragliding instructor!!

 But, the moment I jumped, all the fear vanished in thin air!! I felt like a bird, lost in the beauty beneath. Yes, paragliding has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life!! Ecstatic!!

River Rafting
We also got a chance to experience River Rafting. The river rafting point was a few kilometres from our Hotel. Initially we were supposed to visit Rohtang pass that day. However, the plan got cancelled as it was closed because of Bharat Bandh. So, we decided to go for river rafting. 

There were eight of us accompanied by three trainers. Moving amidst swiftly rising and falling water peaks of river Beas was indeed a memorable experience. The water was ice-cold and we were completely drenched. One time was not enough and hence we all went for it once again!! :-)

Cherry and Strawberry Garden
On the second last day of our trip, we visited cherry and strawberry gardens, situated few kilometres before Manali.

The garden owner allowed us to pluck and eat cherries from the tree, and we really enjoyed that. We saw the budding strawberries as well.

The view from the interior of the garden was also very beautiful.

On the whole, it was a great trip and all of us enjoyed a lot. I would really love to visit Manali again, especially Rohtang pass, that we missed somehow. For the time being, back to work!!