Oooops Moment...!!

I have been tagged by Nibedita  to share an Oooops moment or an embarrassing moment of my life. Well there are quite a few, here is a the one I would like to share... :-)

This incident is around one and a half years old. I was in my final semester. I had a 320 GB hard disk that had been damaged. We had given that hard disk to an engineer, M, papa's employee, so that he could retrieve the important data. After few days of giving him the hard disk, I called him to get an update on whether he has retrieved any files or not. This was our conversation:

M: Hello
Me: Hello, M Bhaiyya??
M: ehh(sounding confused)... Yes.
Me: Bhaiyya any progress on hard disk?? Have you retrieved any files??
M: Which hard disk??
Me: The hard disk I had given you one week back?? Forgotten??
M: Radhika I am M, Y's friend!!
It took me a while to understand what he said. I realized I had called the wrong person. I immediately checked my phone contacts. One was M and exactly below M was M Bhaiyya. I was supposed to call M Bhaiyya but by mistake I had called M who was my friend Y's boyfriend. I had met him just once, when he had planned a surprise for Y on her birthday. I had never spoken to him after that, which is very obvious, I mean why would I speak to my friend's boyfriend!! Even worse, Y was about to break up with him, regarding which he was absolutely clueless!!
Me: Oooops!! I am so sorry, I called you by mistake. I had to call some other M.
M: (Laughing..)It's ok. Even I was wondering why you were calling me Bhaiyya. I thought maybe you were saying it respectfully as I am elder than you!!
Me: Ok, sorry again.. Bye!!

 Later on I shared this incident with my friends, especially Y, and needless to say they all were quite amused. So guys, do you have any Oooops moment to share???


  1. hehe....i know m koun h n y...i wish tum y ki is love story ke end pe bhi blog likho..that would be funniest of all...:);)

    1. Hehe... ;) Socha to tha.. but then i thought it might offend y... So i dropped the idea..

  2. What you did happens many a time due to address book goof up in calling a contact or in emails:) Lesson for future, Radhika:)

    1. Yes!! Once I called my college professor in place of my colleague at work... that was no less embarrassing!! :D

  3. hahaha...that's truly an ooops moment :-)
    I've had my share of these for am a scatter-brain and to top it have my foot in the mouth many times ;-)

    1. Seriously!! Moreover, that guy thought I was deliberately calling him Bhaiyya!! :D Phonebook goof ups happen so often.. :D