Another Award!!!

Once again I have been nominated by Uma for the lovely and inspiring blog award!! I feel it's an interesting process where bloggers nominate each other, thus supporting and motivating each other. Thank you so much Uma. I'll always try my best to come up with interesting posts to keep up the quality of my blog.

As per the rules, I have to write seven random facts about myself. I had done that earlier when I was nominated for the versatile blogger award. This time I have to write seven new facts. So here they are:

1. I really like reading and writing poetry. Moreover, poems that have rhyming lines somehow appeal to me more. I had written my first poem when I was in class 3rd(around 7 years old). It was absolutely meaningless and all I cared about was to make the lines rhyme!! I'll share that poem later in the post.. :-)

2. I never get bored when I am alone. However, being with people who talk continuously without being concerned about whether the topic of discussion interests the other person or not, bores me. For instance, sometimes my brother excitedly tells me about how he outplayed his senior in a game of pool or how an xyz football player scored an impossible goal, which I don't find exciting at all!!

3. My first expensive gift by my parents was a video game(and not the hand video game) when I was in class second. It was a prize for coming first.. :-)

4. Ever since my childhood, I have been addressed by various nick names like: radhey, radhi, radhoo, radha(only my grandmother used to call me by that name), chashmish(I used to wear specs in school), chowkkhi, rocky, sleeping beauty(as I used to sleep a lot!!), radish, rads and logic!

5. Both me and my mom are quite fond of shopping. At times we go out to shop for dad and my bro but ultimately we end up buying things for ourselves. :D

6. If I am asked to choose between school and college, I would choose college(though i fondly miss both) for a simple reason: My parents taught me how to walk, my school taught me how to run, and my college taught me how to fly.. :-)

7. According to me, my best qualities are patience and cool temperament. My worst: stubbornness.

Now to pass on the award, I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

Nibedita Bose
Rahul Bhatia
Sakshi Shioramwar
Akshay Kumar
Smita Sharma Dabas
Sharad Kumar

And now, the first poem written by me... please bear it... :-)

Tom the cat was looking very fat,
I saw her while eating a rat,
She always sleeps on my mat,
She plays with ball and bat,
One day she killed a fly,
Then a pig came from sty,
Then suddenly sparrows fly,
But it was a night sky.
:D :D

Thanks again Uma. It was fun. I thought I should mention one thing that's currently on my wishlist, to meet you someday!! :-)


  1. loved reading the random facts..esp num 6..very nicely put.
    and that poetry for a 3 grader is very good!..:-)
    am touched to hear that you want to meet me, Radhika. I would also love to meet you. Needless to say when you come to B'lore you know whom to call. Will plan a trip a Delhi sometime.

    1. Thanks a lot Uma!! I am glad that you liked the post. I have never been to bangalore but I have a lot of friends there and they always tell me about the amazing weather there... Letc when bangalore calls me!! :-)

  2. Radhika, you deserve that one for those lovely writings:) A huge thanks to you for passing me the award!Hope you fly higher!!

  3. You are like amir khan.. I don't like rating your blog. This place is special..

    1. O my God! Aamir khan! It's too nice of you to say that! Thanks a lot for the kind words! :):)