RIP Rajesh Khanna...

India has lost its first superstar, Rajesh Khanna. Well, i was born way past the era of Rajesh Khanna's stardom. So it was only after his death that I came to know of the term "First superstar" associated with him. I read some articles about his life and only then I realized the ardor of his stardom. He had been leading a lonely life for the past ten years. Upon his death, he was all over the new channels, newspapers, radio stations, television shows, etc. Isn't it weird?? The person who spent so many years of his life waiting to be remembered again, had the world crying and praying for him after his death. Why does a person have to die to be remembered again?? I mean look at me, I have never ever mentioned Rajesh Khanna in any of my posts, but today I am writing an RIP post for him because he is no more. People say he could never really get over the grief of losing his stardom. Well, I have hardly watched his movies, but I really love some evergreen songs that were picturised on him. Some of my favourites are O mere dil ke chain, mere sapno ki raani, zindagi ek safar and pyaar deewana hota hai. May his soul rest in peace... 

Recently we celebrated the 25 years of the company I am working with. It was a lively evening with nice cultural events(by the employees) and some fun activities. Even I was one of the participants. People had mixed views regarding the performances. What surprised me was, some people(non-participants offcourse) made mockery of some performers "claiming" they were not up to the mark. Well, being on stage, before a big audience requires talent as well as guts. People who shy away from participation, so easily "mark" other performers as good or bad with their (not so) expert views. I came across some such nerds at my workplace, and hence couldn't stop myself from letting out my anger!!

Anyways, I got a chance to perform with some really talented colleagues of mine. Leaving you with the video of my instrumental performance. Do check it out!!


  1. My take away from this post- the awesome awesome performance...*thundering applause*
    keep it up, Radhika! yes, it takes a lot of guts and talent to perform in front of a large crowd. And you have both!
    LOVED the performance, really!

    1. Hey! Thanks a lot Uma!! I am so glad that you liked my performance!! :-) :-)

  2. Congratulations Radhika for that lovely performance! You are certainly multifaceted:)