The Weight of Thoughts...

This post is inspired by the post Fighting The Heavyweight by Sakshi Shioramwar. Yesterday when I read this post, a thought was bugging me. I tried to distract myself by engaging myself in some other activities or by thinking about other things. However, all my efforts failed. I kind of tortured myself by thinking more and more about something that was bugging me. I knew it was useless to worry about something that couldn't be changed or that was inevitable, but those thoughts got so entangled with my mind that I couldn't distract myself....

Such thoughts are like a voice in crowd,
The more we try to hear it,
The more our ears fail.

Such thoughts are like dark secrets,
The more we try to hide them,
The more they get unveiled.

Such thoughts are like tears,
The more we try to wipe them,
The more they fall.

Such thoughts are like bad memories,
The more we try to forget them,
The more we recall.

Such thoughts are like sand,
The more we try to hold it,
The more it slips.

Such thoughts are like pulse,
The more we try to feel it,
The more it skips.

We should let the pulse skip,
We should let the sand slip,
Because the more we think,
The more the heart sinks,
The more we run away,
The more such thoughts weigh....


  1. gave it a different perspective altogether..!!
    keep writing more of this kind.

    1. Thanks Mam!! After all it was inspired by your post!! :-)

  2. Fighting makes you a strong person. They are just thoughts.. you know u r right and good.. so nothing to worry or fear. Ignore those thoughts and get busy.

    1. True.. Ideally we should ignore such thoughts.. but sometimes our mind doesn't let us ignore them..

  3. Now you make me think! Lovely flow of words Radhika:)

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. Rahul.. I am glad you liked my poem!! :-)