Yesterday I went to meet some teachers from my coaching institute after almost three years. It brought back the memories of entrance exams, assignments, test-series, lectures, etc. I had a long chat with my physics teacher. During our chat, he also mentioned cut-throat competition between coaching institutes these days. I remember when I was in 11th/12th, our school teachers used to have anti-coaching institutes kind of thoughts. According to them, joining a coaching institute meant unnecessarily pressurizing yourself. On the other hand, faculty members of coaching institutes would literally mock school teachers for their incomplete knowledge and ineffective teaching methods. But now scenario has changed and schools and coaching-institutes go hand in hand. Generally students join these institutes to prepare for engineering/medical entrance exams when they come to 11th standard. To have more number of students, these institutes now conduct trial classes in schools for 10th standard students. They try to "trap" students by deliberately teaching them some short-cut methods and tricks which they find very interesting. Incapable of judging, students easily  get influenced by such techniques and join wrong institutes. On the other hand, schools encourage such classes as they are paid by these institutes. My physics teacher quoted actual words of the vice-principal of a renowned school in Delhi, "Coaching-institutes pay us so much that we do not feel like refusing". So whatever free time-slots students have, are given to such institutes for conducting trial classes in schools. 

It seems like a noble profession has become a business now. Schools in a way pressurize and confuse students by allowing so many coaching-institutes to conduct classes in the school premises. On the other hand, coaching-institutes try to "trap" more and more students by luring and deceiving them. Sadly, the prime motive of both is to earn more money whereas welfare of students has taken a backseat.    

Work... beyond work-hours!!

Few days back I had a casual chat with two of my friends at work, both boys. They narrated their tales of late night and over night stays at office during their hectic work-schedules. During their narration, I just sympathized with them. They concluded the discussion by saying that being a girl I wouldn't have understood their plight!! There are some timing-restrictions for female employees at my workplace. We are not supposed to stay in the office beyond 7:30 PM for security reasons. Therefore, at times men jokingly(or even mockingly) say things like it's always so easy for girls, they have an excuse to leave earlier, they don't have to work late night, etc etc. Maybe these restrictions work in our favour as no one likes to spend extra hours at workplace (except some nerds who do not have any personal life!!). However, to meet critical deadlines, sometimes employees are compelled to stay back in the office beyond their regular work hours. Since female employees have timing-restrictions, only male employees can(or I would say have to) stay back.  

Well, men do not realize that they themselves are responsible for such restrictions on girls!! Safety of women has always been questionable in a city like Delhi. The men of our society have made this city unsafe for women. So for us, restrictions never really end, be it workplace or life outside workplace. Whenever people start comparing tasks completed by girls and boys, the late night stays are always highlighted. But, can we judge the capability and proficiency of a person by the number of hours he devotes at work?? Despite putting our best efforts within the stipulated work hours, hearing things like girls don't(have to) work much doesn't sound good at all!! Is it really fair to question the work and capabilities of female employees just because they cannot stay in the office beyond a specified time?? Does it mean they are less hard-working or less deserving than their male counterparts?? Not really, but, men will remain men!!

Some creepy feelings...


Two strange, kind of unpleasant incidents took place in the last few days. Firstly, a cousin of mine deleted me and my bro from his facebook friend list, probably to hide some personal life developments from his relatives(like us). Whatever the actual reason might be, it seems as if breaking ties from your near and dear ones has become so simple. Thanks to facebook, you need just few clicks to unfriend your friends. But, is it actually as simple as it seems?? Secondly, I recently met an old and close friend after a long time. Strangely, I felt she had changed. I can't explain exactly why I felt so, the vibes maybe. There was certainly a tinge of formality when we met, something that had never happened over the years. I didn't really feel the closeness between us. I just wondered how and why people change so much..

There was a time we used to laugh,
Without thinking whether the joke,
Was worth laughing or not...

There was a time we used to talk,
Having endless things to talk about,
But the time seemed short...   

There was a time we used to dance,
To celebrate little moments of joy,
Like best of friends...

There was a time we used to walk,
Together in this journey of life,
Wishing the road never ends...

But now time has changed you,
I promise I am still the same,
Maybe the changes were inevitable,
I don't know whom to blame,
I wish we could laugh again, 
I wish we could talk like before,
I wish to walk with you again,
I want those moments of joy more,
I hope time changes you again,
Back to what you were,
I hope we walk once again in this,
Beautiful journey of life together...