Yesterday I went to meet some teachers from my coaching institute after almost three years. It brought back the memories of entrance exams, assignments, test-series, lectures, etc. I had a long chat with my physics teacher. During our chat, he also mentioned cut-throat competition between coaching institutes these days. I remember when I was in 11th/12th, our school teachers used to have anti-coaching institutes kind of thoughts. According to them, joining a coaching institute meant unnecessarily pressurizing yourself. On the other hand, faculty members of coaching institutes would literally mock school teachers for their incomplete knowledge and ineffective teaching methods. But now scenario has changed and schools and coaching-institutes go hand in hand. Generally students join these institutes to prepare for engineering/medical entrance exams when they come to 11th standard. To have more number of students, these institutes now conduct trial classes in schools for 10th standard students. They try to "trap" students by deliberately teaching them some short-cut methods and tricks which they find very interesting. Incapable of judging, students easily  get influenced by such techniques and join wrong institutes. On the other hand, schools encourage such classes as they are paid by these institutes. My physics teacher quoted actual words of the vice-principal of a renowned school in Delhi, "Coaching-institutes pay us so much that we do not feel like refusing". So whatever free time-slots students have, are given to such institutes for conducting trial classes in schools. 

It seems like a noble profession has become a business now. Schools in a way pressurize and confuse students by allowing so many coaching-institutes to conduct classes in the school premises. On the other hand, coaching-institutes try to "trap" more and more students by luring and deceiving them. Sadly, the prime motive of both is to earn more money whereas welfare of students has taken a backseat.    


  1. It is sad to see crass commercialisation has entered in Education and that too in schools:(

  2. Education is nowadays damn money errr monkey business.....i still remember how I was looked down when I joined coaching classes in std 11th....but i agree with the word 'trap' which you have rightly used...and yes they pay the teachers like anything....whole thing so demotivating.

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