Some creepy feelings...

Two strange, kind of unpleasant incidents took place in the last few days. Firstly, a cousin of mine deleted me and my bro from his facebook friend list, probably to hide some personal life developments from his relatives(like us). Whatever the actual reason might be, it seems as if breaking ties from your near and dear ones has become so simple. Thanks to facebook, you need just few clicks to unfriend your friends. But, is it actually as simple as it seems?? Secondly, I recently met an old and close friend after a long time. Strangely, I felt she had changed. I can't explain exactly why I felt so, the vibes maybe. There was certainly a tinge of formality when we met, something that had never happened over the years. I didn't really feel the closeness between us. I just wondered how and why people change so much..

There was a time we used to laugh,
Without thinking whether the joke,
Was worth laughing or not...

There was a time we used to talk,
Having endless things to talk about,
But the time seemed short...   

There was a time we used to dance,
To celebrate little moments of joy,
Like best of friends...

There was a time we used to walk,
Together in this journey of life,
Wishing the road never ends...

But now time has changed you,
I promise I am still the same,
Maybe the changes were inevitable,
I don't know whom to blame,
I wish we could laugh again, 
I wish we could talk like before,
I wish to walk with you again,
I want those moments of joy more,
I hope time changes you again,
Back to what you were,
I hope we walk once again in this,
Beautiful journey of life together...


  1. Radhika changes which are not pleasant are surely a bit disturbing and you wrote such a lovely verse to express this:)

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. Rahul! I was indeed disturbed when i wrote this poem.. but now I am pretty chilled out.. it's a part of life i guess..

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    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating my blog, James..!!

  3. Loved the scribbles....and i related with the stories you mentioned so much...there was a colleague of mine who was pregnant the same time as we got connected so much discussing our health issues, babies, family through those nine months....much like good friends but then i left my job after ML..and lately found that she has no interest in talking with me( she is still working)...might be due to the fact that in job I was a position higher she had been paly with me...whatever, I felt really bad.

    1. Thanks Nibedita.. In my case I feel my friend got too engrossed with the new people in her life and in a way knowingly or unknowingly distanced herself from her old friends..

  4. Hey Rads ,

    U too are changed:P reply bhi nahi karti msgs ka :(

    1. Not at all!! As far as replies are concerned, please blame my poor data card and wifi connection due to which whatsapp msgs do not get delivered in time!!

  5. Totally can relate to the post :) In fact I wrote about something similar in my blog