Letter to the PM!!


Recently I got an invite from Viewspaper to participate in "PMji Samjhoji! Letter-a-thon - The day India will write to its Prime Minister". Thank you Viewspaper for giving me this opportunity. Here is my letter to the PM:

Dear PM ji,

Currently our nation is facing numerous issues like corruption, price rise, poverty, unemployment, etc.  One thing that bothers common people like us is lack of strict action against corrupt ministers, government officials and bureaucrats. In recent times, a lot of scams have been exposed by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his team. All the scams involve high profile people associated with your government and the one answer you people always come up with is, “These allegations are completely false and baseless”. When your ministers say this line, three possibilities come to my mind:

1. The allegations are actually baseless and all the ministers of your government are too honest and loyal to be involved in such scams.
2. Your ministers are indeed involved in such scams, without your knowledge and you protect them for the sake of your party’s reputation.
3. The involvement of your ministers in such scams is not completely out of your knowledge and therefore you don’t have any option other than protecting them.

The first one is highly unlikely.  If all the ministers of your government are so honest, then I feel Mr. Kejriwal is the most foolish person on this earth. Foolish because he is unnecessarily inviting trouble for himself by getting into a kind of war with so many “honest people” who are strong enough to harm him and his associates to an unimaginable extent. We all know he was publicly threatened by one of your ministers. But as I said, it is highly unlikely so we can rule out this possibility.

So, it has to be either 2 or 3, and you can yourself decide whether it’s 2 or 3.  When we see corrupt people come out unscathed despite all their wrongdoings, we lose faith in the government. Rather than protecting such people, you should punish them and set examples for the world to see!! But sadly that rarely happens and all we get to hear and see is a string of unending arguments and debates. The blame game never stops and no one gets punished. Moreover, when some people try to raise their voice against corrupt people, no stone is left unturned to curb those voices. My question is how do we trust you and your government? Can you restore that “lost” trust?


Love is blind... But can it be hopelessly blind???

Yesterday I was chatting with a close friend of mine. During our conversation we talked about our casual crushes and people for whom we were crushes!! I told her about how I liked one of my seniors in college as I found him very decent and polite. Since he already had a girlfriend, I never expressed my liking towards him, although given my cowardice, I wouldn't have tried even if he hadn't had a girlfriend!! I was pretty ok with it. She also liked a particular guy but when she discovered he was a heavy drinker and smoker, her liking faded. Basically we never liked any guy to the extent of going mad about him. Moreover, we never had any liking towards people who liked us, for xyz reasons. We both laughed over the fact that we never had any boyfriends maybe because we were too logical to fall in love!! 

Sometimes when people ask me whether I have a boyfriend or not they always expect an affirmative reply. Upon getting a negative reply, they give such perplexing looks as if having a boyfriend is the most obvious thing in the world, which surprises me!! When I see people around me in complicated relationships, I feel being single is far better!! Personally I find three kinds of relationships obscure:

1. A guy develops feelings for a girl. Later on he discovers she already has a boyfriend but instead of controlling his feelings the guy goes mad about her!! His feelings further intensify, which is basically a consequence of loving madly and blindly. Ideally he should move on and look for someone else!!

2. Two people get into a relationship despite knowing they do not have a future together. Reasons for not having a future together can be many, e.g. different castes and therefore no family acceptance, mismatch of horoscopes and so again no family acceptance, unequal financial conditions and hence again no family acceptance, long-distance, higher studies, etc etc.  

3. This one is similar to the above mentioned category, difference being the two people are ready to fight with their families and world to stay together. Sounds good, but I still wonder why people make their lives so  difficult and complicated by getting into such complicated relationships. Why not be in a relationship that won't have any such hurdles as options are always there!!

At this point, I am sure many people would disagree with me. There is a lot of difference between liking a person and falling in love. Liking people is easy, but for me it's a bit difficult to fall in love without keeping these things into consideration. People love with their hearts which is good, but applying a little bit of brain won't harm I guess!!

Happy Diwali!!


I really love this part of the year, with all the festivities around!! I would like to wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous, bright and colourful Diwali!! This Diwali, let's light not just the candles and lamps, but also beautiful and loving relationships. Let's exchange not just gifts, but also the promise to stay together in good and bad times. Let's burn not just crackers, but also all the grudges and hatred. Let's decorate not just our homes, but also our hearts with love and warmth. Once again a very happy diwali to all!! 

The Competition of Life...

Last week I watched Student of the year, a movie by Karan Johar. The story was ok. I really liked the songs and visuals. The movie ended with a nice message that said "Friends we make during our schooling and college are truly special and different from all other friends in our lives".

During 11th-12th, I had a very nice, close friend. We were in the same class, same bus and the same coaching institute. We used to sit together, eat together and study together. Despite being close friends, we always had this determination to outdo each other in academics. Be it our school exams or coaching tests, we always wanted to score more than one another. Beating other people didn't really matter much. So apart from being friends, we were each other's competitors too. After 12th, we gave many entrance exams to get selected in a good engineering college. In all the entrance exams, my ranks were way better than hers. So much so that getting into the same college was completely out of question. I decided to join a popular engineering college in Delhi whereas her rank was not good enough to get her, her choice of stream in that college. The period of 15-20 days between our results and beginning of college life was quite strange for both of us. We hardly spoke to each other. We both had worked very hard for two years and we never really expected such disparity in our ranks. At times I used to feel like calling and motivating her, but the thought of being misunderstood always stopped me. She could have thought that saying things was very easy for me as I was not in her place and therefore I refrained from saying anything. And then one day we met at a metro station. Both of us were going to our respective colleges. It was my first working day whereas her session had already begun few days earlier and I was not aware of it. We spoke for a few minutes and then moved towards our metros that were in opposite directions. It was a weird feeling. For two years we were always together in whatever we did, wherever we went, and all of a sudden we were going in different directions. We were standing on the opposite platforms and her metro came first. She waved at me before boarding the metro and even after her boarding we kept looking at each other till we were not completely out of each other's sight. After that day, we again started calling and talking to each other. Our colleges were different, streams were different, friends were different and we were no more competitors.

She is still one of my closest friends and we still talk to and meet each other regularly. Our fields are very different now and we often discuss and appreciate the developments in each other's careers. When I look back, I feel glad that we were able to overcome that momentary strained phase in our friendship. Competing with your best friend can have two consequences: The friendship either breaks completely or becomes unbreakable. It just depends on what choice you make. I am glad we chose the latter!! 

Trying my hand at photography!!

Recently we had a photography competition at work. We had to submit five photographs based on some themes. I submitted five of my clicks with some self-written quotes. Here they are..

"Abandoned by you, But home for few"

This is Rajwada Temple at Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It was taken by me last month, when we had gone there to visit some temples. The theme was Abandoned Buildings.

"Abandoned by all, except one... The bright, shining Sun..."

This is Kangra Fort, located few kilometers before Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. It was taken in January last year. This was also under Abandoned Buildings theme.

"Even the fire within Sun dies during Dusk..."

This one shows Sunset at Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. It was also taken in January last year. The theme was Fire.

"The Sky never looks down... We look up..."

This one shows the morning sky at Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, also taken in January last year. So this and the previous two pics were taken on the same trip. I submitted it under the theme "Picture with a thousand stories" as none of the other themes were suitable. 

I didn't write any caption for this one and simply mailed it. This was taken at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan, nearly two years back.