Happy Diwali!!

I really love this part of the year, with all the festivities around!! I would like to wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous, bright and colourful Diwali!! This Diwali, let's light not just the candles and lamps, but also beautiful and loving relationships. Let's exchange not just gifts, but also the promise to stay together in good and bad times. Let's burn not just crackers, but also all the grudges and hatred. Let's decorate not just our homes, but also our hearts with love and warmth. Once again a very happy diwali to all!! 


  1. Belated Happy Diwali, Radhika! Hope you had a good time:)

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. Rahul.. It was indeed a fun-filled Diwali for me!! Hope you had a nice one too.. :-)