RIP(Rise In Paradise) Damini...


At last, the brave girl lost the battle of life. Over the years, there have been a number of rape cases in Delhi. However, this kind of brutality has never been seen. It is extremely horrifying to see such a brutal face of Delhi and being a Delhiite I feel so ashamed of this city today. Rape doesn't leave just physical wounds. It leaves an ever lasting scar on a woman's soul. Ever since this shocking incident took place, it has been all over the newspapers, news channels, radio and social networking sites. At times during discussions, people say things like it's a "mistake" on part of girls to stay out late night, to wear short dresses, to hang out with guys, etc etc. I really feel sorry for people who live with this mindset. When boys stay out late night, nobody questions them, but when it comes to girls, people literally question their character!! How sick is that!!

Men who consider women as objects of sexual pleasure are not the only culprits. Bigger culprits are their family members, especially mothers, who do not inculcate basic values in their sons. I would request all the mothers to teach their sons how to respect women. Teach them women are not objects, but human beings. Teach them it's cheap and absolutely wrong to touch a woman without her consent. Teach them to be caring and chivalrous. Teach them to win a woman's heart and not her body. Teach them to be the real "MAN" who doesn't stoop down to such levels. Rapists are not MEN. They are those "unmanly" creatures who cannot win a woman's heart... 

Protests, debates, candle marches, etc are good to some extent. But things will improve only when the men of our society change their mindset towards women, something which cannot happen by protests and candle marches. Damini didn't die today. She had been dying ever since she was so brutally raped. If things do not improve even now, it will be a betrayal to her. Come on people, let's not betray her!! Let's not let her battle be forgotten. Let's promise ourselves that their won't be another Damini in our society...     

Happy B'day Grandma... :-)


It's not just your birthday that I celebrate,

I celebrate the blissful times when you were there,
And you had so many lovely experiences to share,

I celebrate the love you showered on me,
I hope from somewhere you can still see,

I celebrate the beautiful bond we shared,
The way you always loved and cared,

I celebrate your special place in my heart,
Despite parting you can never part...

Miss you always...
Happy Birthday!!

Hairy Tales!!

Last week we had some Dr. Batra's Hair Wellness Camp at work. I had thought we would be given some nice and useful tips to keep our hair healthy. So excitedly I went to get my hair checked. I was the second person to go. There were three people and they had an equipment using which we could see our hair and scalp on a screen. They had a kind of rod-shaped camera which had to be moved over our heads, and the region covered by that camera got displayed on the screen. The lady placed the camera on the top of my head and the image that flashed on the screen was scary. I could see my skin-coloured scalp and   few(almost countable), distantly-spaced, thick and thin hair-strands standing on it like wild grass!! The image was so majestically zoomed in that for a moment I wondered where have the hair gone!! I actually touched my head to see if I had any hairless patch!! The lady mentioned that I needed hair-treatment as some of my hair-strands were quite thin and density of hair in the upper part of the head was too less. She even used the term "Male-Baldness" for my less dense hair!! Funnily the doctor who gave me details of the treatment had so less hair on his head that I felt like asking him to take the treatment first!!

And then one after another many people went to get their hair-checked and all of them had similar stories to share. All the people were asked to go for hair-treatment for problems like hairfall, thin hair, whitening, dandruff, fungal-infection, hormonal-imbalance, improper-diet, etc etc. Some people were asked if they were married or not. If yes, then for how long and if no, then when they would get married. God knows how marriage affects our hair!! 

Some people were told they had healthy hair. Since the job involves a lot of stress they should undergo the treatment before their stressful job damages their hair. In short they meant, we should take crocin before fever attacks us, we should apply balm on our forehead before we get a headache, and we should wear a plaster before we fracture our bone!!

The conclusion of the camp was all the employees badly needed Dr. Batra's hopeless hair-treatment. And so instead of some nice and useful tips, all we got to hear and narrate were funny hairy tales!! 

Wishes for Mom and Dad.. :-)


When I think about fairy tale love,
I wonder whether it exists or not,
And then on seeing the two of you,
My heart weaves a beautiful thought,
Even if fairy tale love exists,
It can only be as vibrant as yours,
When I see you so much in love each day,
My faith in fairy tale love restores,
People say marriages are made in heaven,
Maybe heaven looks like our home,
You two lovingly lighten it always,
Be it dawn, be it gloam,
I wish you both lifelong togetherness,
And love that stays even beyond life,
Mom you have the most romantic husband,
And Dad you have the sweetest wife... :-)

Happy Wedding Anniversary to the most dashing couple!!!