Wishes for Mom and Dad.. :-)

When I think about fairy tale love,
I wonder whether it exists or not,
And then on seeing the two of you,
My heart weaves a beautiful thought,
Even if fairy tale love exists,
It can only be as vibrant as yours,
When I see you so much in love each day,
My faith in fairy tale love restores,
People say marriages are made in heaven,
Maybe heaven looks like our home,
You two lovingly lighten it always,
Be it dawn, be it gloam,
I wish you both lifelong togetherness,
And love that stays even beyond life,
Mom you have the most romantic husband,
And Dad you have the sweetest wife... :-)

Happy Wedding Anniversary to the most dashing couple!!!


  1. My best wishes to your mom and dad too and this is a beautiful dedication, Radhika:)

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. Rahul.. Will convey your wishes to mom and dad.. :-)