Goodbye Sachin...


Writing after a long time now. Maybe I should have written this post two weeks back. Nevertheless, it's never too late to say Goodbye. I missed out Sachin's farewell speech on the last day of his last test match. Today I watched his speech, courtesy youtube. After watching it, I couldn't stop myself from pouring my thoughts here. I am one of Sachin's billions of fans. Ever since my childhood days, cricket has been a very religiously followed sport at my home. My grandfather and father have always been big cricket fans. Thanks to them that I also developed a keen interest in this game. For me, cricket has always been synonymous with Sachin.

I remember as a kid, I used to watch only India vs some other country matches and I used to be very excited about watching Sachin play. We have had many great cricketers in so many years, great batsmen, bowlers and fielders. Still, Sachin was always different from all of them. Whenever he would come out  to play, I would kind of start praying that Sachin please do not get out and score well!! When someone we know closely, performs in a big event, we feel nervous too, don't we? Sachin is the only cricketer for whom I have felt that nervousness. Watching Sachin get out early used to be heart-breaking and for me it meant end of the game. There have been moments when while watching cricket at home we all would start clapping and jumping with joy. Sachin has given us many such moments. Watching his farewell speech moved me. The realization that finally the road has ended for Sachin, will take some time to sink in. Sachin, it's because of you that I started watching cricket. It's because of you that I like cricket. You'll certainly miss the 24 glorious years of your career, but your fans like me will miss you even more...    

Confessions of a violinist!


Believe me, it's true! I have been playing violin for many years now. Whenever people see violin in my hands, one song I am always asked to play is "Mohabbatein" from SRK's popular movie with the same name. I won't deny the fact that being capable of playing such a popular song used to give me a sense of pride initially. However, over the time I have become quite repulsive towards this song, reason being people think that Mohabbatein is the only song that is supposed to be played on violin! And hence, one line that I don't really wish to hear anymore is "zara mohabbatein suna do" (please play mohabbatein). Another misconception people have is that violin is meant only for sad songs. I remember, once my music teacher in school asked a student to learn violin. Moreover, my teacher introduced me to that student's parents who were present there, so that they could take some feedback from me regarding how easy/difficult learning violin was. Immediately that student's mother said, "No no, i don't want my son to play sad songs". I was completely taken aback by her comment!  According to me, violin is the instrument that comes closest to singing. Like a singer can sing sad as well as cheerful songs, violin sounds appealing for sad songs as well as equally lively for peppy songs. I told that lady not to go by the general perception as it is absolutely wrong. Don't know whether she let her son learn violin or not. Other than that i have been asked some weird questions too. Once someone asked me if I had learnt whole violin or not. I am still not sure what that person meant by "whole" violin. Few other questions I have been asked are how I decide which string to press and when, how I realize that I am supposed to move bow(violin stick) in a particular manner, why it doesn't slip from my hands while playing, if I get lost in the song while playing violin, etc. I could never answer most of the questions!! If you ask me what's the best thing about being a violinist, I would say I can play my favourite songs even when I am all alone.. that's the best thing for me. Sharing a video from a recent office event. Do watch!! :-)

An exciting trip!!

Writing after a long time. A lot had been happening over the past few weeks and a lot more is on the cards!! Jam sessions, Jaisalmer trip, awaited performance at an office event and the upcoming Bangalore trip!! It's excitement all around!! I'll share experiences of my Jaisalmer trip in this post. 

Last week I went for a family trip to Jaisalmer-Jodhpur for four days and loved every bit of it! We reached there on 28th Sept, by noon. After freshening up in the hotel, we moved out to taste delicious Rajasthani food. The first meal of our trip included daal baati churma and gatte ki sabzi. The food had loads of desi ghee in it, as expected, and we all relished it. After that we went to Patwa Haveli. The architecture was simply beautiful. We could make out what level of lavishness and artistry prevailed in old days.

We also met this guy who is trying to break his father's world record of longest moustache!!

In the evening we watched puppet show at our hotel. I was watching a puppet show after many many years and therefore was quite excited to see it.

Next day we went to Indo-Pak border. On the way, we stopped at Tannot Mata temple. Remember the small temple in the movie Border that was untouched and undamaged by the bombings?? It was the same temple, difference being it was not small anymore. This temple is frequently visited by BSF men.

After visiting the temple, we headed straight to the border and I could recollect scenes from the movie Border. I cannot exactly explain how I felt being there. It was a different feeling. Being at the place which was a war zone once, watching Indian and Pakistani flags, BSF men and the hard conditions they live in, it all gave me jitters. It was an unforgettable visit I must say.

After vising border, we went for desert safari and camel ride amidst desert. Desert safari was an amazing experience. There were few scary moments too but on the whole it was great fun and adventure!

Next day we visited Jaisalmer fort, the beautiful jain temple built within it, followed by Gadisar lake. Here are few snaps of fort and the temple.

In the evening, Rajasthani folk music and dance events were scheduled at our hotel. Music was simply spellbinding. Being a musician myself,  I could understand its intricacy, if not words and loved it so much that I could hear it for hours. Lovely musicians and dancers they were. Respect!! Finally, heading towards the end of our trip, we spent the last day in Jodhpur. Got a chance to visit the lavish Umaid bhawan palace and the fascinating Mehrangarh fort, both owned by Maharaja Gaj Singh. We also got to know about interesting stories associated with both the places.

On the whole it was a memorable trip. Looking forward to the Bangalore trip that's on the cards now. Hope it turns out be equally exiting and memorable!! :-)

My school's Silver Jubilee!! :)

It has been 25 years since Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini, Delhi( i.e. mera school :-) ) came into existence. Childhood is the most beautiful phase of a person's life and schooling is an integral part of childhood. Therefore there are lots and lots of childhood memories associated with one's schooling. When I recall my school days, there are so many things that come to my mind. Morning assembly, attendance, classrooms, labs, corridors, music, orchestra, arts, most awaited P.T. period, lunch break, summer vacations, holiday homework, exams, competitions, annual day, sports day, teachers' day, open day, farewell, basant mela, razzmatazz.. and the list is endless. It has been more than six years since i passed out but the memories are vibrant as ever! I was among the most punctual and coward students. Coward because I was always scared of getting punished and hence, would leave no stone unturned to escape punishments. I would always reach school in time, complete my homework in time, dress-up properly without missing any single component of the school uniform, stay absolutely quiet during lectures and study hard to score well in exams. Despite portraying such a remarkable behaviour, I was slapped four times, once hit by a notebook on my head and once hit by a duster on my hand during my entire school life. Maybe it's hard to believe but I clearly remember all the six incidents even now and hence will be sharing them. :D

First slap : I was in montessori at that time(academic year 1994-95). Children in our class were making a lot of noise as our class-teacher was not there in the classroom at that time. Suddenly the teacher from adjacent classroom came and there was pin-drop silence. She must have asked who was making noise to which no one replied, which was very obvious. As a result she slapped all the students of our class and I was also one of them.

Second slap : I was in first standard(academic year 1995-96). I was participating in march-past for our annual sports day. I had to hold the flag of my house(all the students were divided into different houses for conducting inter-house competitions) and hence I had to stand in front with people of my house behind me. All the houses were supposed to stand in a particular order. During rehearsals, I stood at wrong place and therefore all the children who were supposed to stand behind me stood at the wrong place too. One of the teachers of our house came, very calmly made me stand in the correct position and seconds later, gave me a tight slap! :(

Third slap : This was similar to the first one. I was in third standard(academic year 1997-98). Our teacher went out for 5-10 minutes during which our class became too noisy. When she came back, she slapped all of us.

Fourth slap : I was in fifth standard(academic year 1999-2000). We were supposed to prepare songs and dances for Christmas-New year celebrations. Surprisingly I was chosen for dance instead of music. Our dance teacher was pretty strict will us. During rehearsals I did a wrong step for which I got slapped by him. Good thing was, throughout the rehearsals, I got slapped just once!  

Duster on hand : I was in eighth standard(academic year 2003-04) and it was our hindi lecture. Our hindi teacher asked me to mention two synonyms of hindi word khag(bird). I mentioned pakshi and panchhi. He said these won't be considered as two different synonyms as panchhi which is a hindi word, came from pakshi which is a sanskrit word. Since I couldn't recall another synonym of khag, he hit a duster on my hand and similar happened with various other students. After that day I always remembered the synonyms of this word : nabhchar and vihag, believe me I didn't google them!

Notebook on head : This happened in the same year as duster on hand. Our science teacher had given us an assignment to make some ray diagrams for convex and concave lenses. Apart from few people, most of us made lots of mistakes in the ray diagrams. Our science teacher got really furious on checking our notebooks. She personally called each one of us in the front, showed everyone what mistakes we had made, and then as per her convenience, scolded/slapped/hit us by notebook. I escaped her slap as I was a specky and for slapping me she would have had to ask me to remove my specs :D

I had never thought one day I would be writing and sharing all this so proudly! These memories always bring a smile to face and will always bring a smile to my face. What days they were, wish I could relive them. I feel extremely proud of my school and teachers and wish endless years of existence to BBPS, Rohini. Before signing off, leaving you with a video from our latest jam session, the song "Kyun" from movie Barfi. Do watch!

67 Years of Independence!

When I got up in the morning, weather was lovely owing to yesterday night's rain. I came out in the balcony of my house to feel and enjoy the cool wind. Suddenly I saw a big flock of pigeons flying in the sky and it disappeared within few seconds. Two words immediately came to my mind - "Independence" and "Unity" and so here I am writing this post! Fly together wherever you feel like, this the actual independence and unity according to me. And then I thought about our country. Taking facts from and sms that said: "31 states, 1618 languages, 6400 castes, 6 religions, 6 ethnic groups, 29 major festivals & 1 country! Be proud to be an Indian!" I wonder whether it is actually something to feel proud of or not. We all hear and say that one of the best things about India is "Unity in diversity". No doubt there is diversity, but where is the unity?

We already have 31 states and there are requests to create new ones, what for? Why are we creating so many boundaries within our own country? We have 1618 languages. Having so many languages restricts communication between individuals of different communities. I have personally observed and experienced that people speaking common language tend to communicate and hence gel more, be it punjabis, gujratis, bengalis or madrasis, We have 6400 castes and we are well aware of the repercussions. Every now and then we hear about people from a particular caste demanding reservations. Inter-caste marriages are still a taboo in our society. Even now upper caste people look down upon lower caste people. Why do we have so many castes? We have 6 religions. Again, people tend to be among people of their own religion. If a muslim actor portrays the role of a hindu god, people object to it. If a hindu actor portrays the role of a muslim personality, people object to it. We are in the 21rst century and when I read about such things, it makes me sad. We indeed have lots and lots of diversity but I don't think we have that much unity. I don't know whether I am right or wrong, but I personally feel that so much of diversity hinders our unity. We must break these barriers to feel proud of unity in diversity, which is very unlikely to happen. I wish which we were like those pigeons who are free from such barriers and can fly wherever they want, TOGETHER. I do not wish to dampen the spirit of patriotism today. There are many other reasons that actually make us proud. Our sportspersons, scientists, social workers, entrepreneurs, armymen and artists have left no stone unturned to make India shine on the world map. Salutes to them as they have actually demonstrated the true meaning of independence. Signing off on this positive note. Happy Independence Day!

A Musical Saturday!! :)

Yesterday some of us, from our company's music group called "Enchanting Engineers", met for our monthly jam session and needless to say, we enjoyed every bit of it. We sang, played and recorded some memorable songs, shared musical memories from our past and created new memories to be cherished in future. Sometimes people ask me, what is so exciting about going to the office on weekends and singing/playing random songs thus, wasting your holiday! Well, in corporate world, people hardly take out time for themselves. It really surprises me when I see people talking about work during tea/coffee breaks, lunch, and even after office gets over. The life of such people revolves around their work, work and only work. On the other hand there are people who want to live and explore their passions amidst their professional lives, be it music, dancing, reading. travelling, sports, etc and that's the way it should be! Life shouldn't just be about going to the office, working, coming back, eating, sleeping, going the office next day and so on. When I meet people who have the same understanding and passion towards music as I have, it brings alive my musical skills. I consider myself very lucky to have found some such people at my workplace and whenever we meet for our jam sessions, time really flies. It's not just about singing or playing random songs. It's about keeping our passion alive in this fast-paced life where people are just running without knowing their destination.  It's not about wasting a holiday by going out rather than relaxing at home. It's about making the best out of the time we get and I feel it's a lovely way to spend your holiday. We'll never get time for anything. We'll have to create time for our hobbies and passions before they get lost within us. Slowly and gradually we are building a collection of our recordings thus, capturing some lovely moments together. Saturday couldn't have been better than this!! Sharing one of the recordings from yesterday's session, the song "Slow motion angrez" from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Do watch!! :)

For you my dear brother.. :)


I want you to be a successful man,
Who lives his life on his own terms,
Unperturbed by number of miles to run,
Who jumps over every hurdle that comes...

I want you to be a doting son,
Who loves his parents despite all odds,
Even in this mad rush of life,
Never leaves behind his lords...

I want you to be a loving husband,
Who treats his wife like a queen,
And respects that she left her world,
To walk with him on a path unseen...

I want you to be a responsible father,
Whose kids will always know and understand,
Their father not just gave them wings to fly,
But also gave them a ground to land...

And finally,

I want you to be a naughty brother,
Who leaves no stone unturned to trouble his sis,
But despite all the troubles and fights,
Loves her like a little princess...

Happy 22nd Birthday to you Bro!!

Two years in the Corporate World!

Same day, same time, two years back, I was wondering what does life have in store for me! Today, it has been two years in the corporate world and I feel it happened just yesterday. Time really flies. Needless to say, these two years have taught me a lot, not just about work, but also about life, people and situations. Being through so many ups and downs has certainly made me a better and stronger person. When I look back, I don't really regret much. Whatever mistakes I made, taught me some important lessons of life that I might not have learnt otherwise. My achievements took my confidence to new levels. Moreover, interacting and working with different kinds of people has been an interesting experience altogether.  Every individual has his own perception towards work, and coordinating with various individuals having different perceptions has been a learning experience. Along with the positive aspects, this life can be equally harsh as well. Yes there have been times when I was wrong, and also when I was wronged. There were situations when I had to be nice to people I personally never liked. There have been circumstances when I had to keep my mouth shut despite being right, when I had to follow insensible instructions of my colleagues just because they were more experienced and I was a fresher, when I was not given due credit for my work, etc etc. This is the truth of corporate world. At one moment it fills your heart with pride whereas at another it humiliates you like anything. At one moment it takes you to new heights of success, whereas at another it thrashes you so badly that you do not even realize what just happened. In short, it's a grey world. People say that you cannot make friends in a professional environment which, to a great extent is true. Here friendships are short-lived. I have made very very few, close "friends" during two years of my professional life and hope they'll always remain that way. On the whole, it has been a sweet and sour experience for me and I am sure there is a lot more to learn in coming years!

Leaving you with a video from one of our jam sessions. Do watch!

A tryst with nature!

Hi readers! I recently underwent lasik eye surgery to get rid of my specs and lenses. It kept me away from blogging for so many days. I am back now! Today I would like to share my experiences during my recent hills-trip to Almora-Nainital-Mukteshwar,Uttrakhand.

On the first day we went to Almora, reached there by evening. Took this snap from our guest house:

Shortly after reaching there, we all decided to take a stroll through the local, popular market of Almora. It was a narrow and busy lane, over a kilometer long, architecturally not so developed. Almost throughout the lane, we could see uncountable sparrows sitting on long wires over the electrical pillars and buildings. I had never seen such a sight in Delhi, so thought of capturing it.

Next day, we visited some popular temples near Almora. First we went to Jaageshwar temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is also among "Jyotirlingas" all over India. Other than the main temple, there were various small temples dedicated to other Gods.

Well, I am a bit cynical about the concept of so many Gods and hence so many temples. On one hand we say God is one, while on the other, we contradict ourselves by dividing God into so many sub-gods, why?? We perform separate pujas for all, separate aartis, get separate prasaad, but wish for the same!! We also saw a huge tree(picture below) in the temple premises. You can see that the tree-trunk is divided into two parts. According to the pujaris, one part signifies Lord Shiva and the other signifies Lordess Parvati.

We visited another temple called "Golu Devta temple". I was amazed to see thousands of bells, of all sizes tied there! People tie bells in this temple when their wish gets fulfilled or on the onset of some important life event.

After vising this temple, we headed straight to Nainital. Owing to the rains, weather there was cool and pleasant. We could see clouds over the mountains and the lake looked serene as ever. Along with the cool wind, boating was a lovely experience there.

The lake looked beautiful at night as well!

Next day we visited another peaceful hill station called Mukteshwar. While I was sitting and admiring the view, I heard voices of some children. There was a primary school right behind me and all the students were repeating lines from a lesson after the lines were being said by a particular student. It was an open classroom. After few minutes their class teacher came and started with attendance. The teacher was calling out names and the students present had to say "Yes Mam" at their respective names. In case of absentees, all the students would collectively say "Mam nahi aaya/aayi"(Mam, the student hasn't come). It reminded me of my primary school days. Took some snaps at Mukteshwar:

We also visited peach and apple gardens on the way.

That's my Dad and Aunt

On the whole, it was an easy trip, a nice break from our regular, fast lives!

Before signing off, I would like to share a video of my performance at my company's annual dinner. Some of us, who are quite passionate about music, have formed a band called "Enchanting Engineers". I'll share more videos in future. Leaving you with a glimpse :) 

The Bride...

In the last two-three months, I attended a lot of weddings within my family circle. In most of them, I was from the groom's side. Hence, I thought of writing something about how a bride feels, as seen through my eyes...

My cousin Anuj Bansal and his beautiful bride, Vasu Bhabhi :-)

Her heart rhythming to the mixed feelings of,
Nervousness and pride,
Holding her breath and the red dress,
Walks the beautiful bride...

She looks up with her mesmerizing eyes,
To see her family and in-laws,
Some admire her for her perfections,
Some criticize her for her flaws...
She wears an elegant smile for all,
And lets the anxiety hide,
Holding her breath and the red dress,
Walks the beautiful bride...

Amidst the decorations and sparkling lights,
Her eyes look for her groom,
The one who makes her stars shine,
The one who makes her bloom...
What to say and when to say,
She lets her groom decide,
Holding her breath and the red dress,
Walks the beautiful bride...

As she steps into a new world,
A million thoughts cross her mind,
Starting with a new journey of life,
She leaves a journey behind,
She sheds and shares those precious tears,
Before changing her side,
Overcoming the grief of separation,
Walks the beautiful bride...

Magical photographs!!

Recently a friend of mine shared her experience at a photo studio. Her parents took her to the studio and got few of her photographs clicked to circulate within their family circle to find a suitable groom for her. She was asked to dress-up in a traditional attire, wear make-up, smile, carry dupatta in a particular manner,  pose in different angles, etc. They also told her that her facial features would be enhanced by photoshop. Well, I do not agree with the idea of getting such photographs clicked in a studio where you and your photograph are unnecessarily "decorated"!! Some people in my facebook friend-list have posted such "enhanced" pics of theirs in past and frankly speaking I could see wide disparity between their normal pics and studio pics. Some looked quite mature(due to heavy make-up and attires) in studio pics as compared to their normal pics. Some looked too fair from their actual complexion, some had their pimples gone, some had their scars gone, some had an unusual glow on their face, some looked thin, etc. Basically, those pics made them look like someone they were not!!

The point is, should we lose our identity for the people who are currently unknown to us?? Should we portray ourselves as a different person just to please someone?? Why shouldn't we let people like and love us the way we our, in our day to day lives. Why do we need that extra "digital decoration" for ourselves?? Sometimes I feel that marriage is a very hypersensitive topic in our Indian society. Once you are in the 23-24 age-group, parents become too restless and hyperactive to find a suitable life partner for you!! All of a sudden they become your hair-stylists, your costume-designers and your make-up artists so that you look noticeable among a group of people. I completely fail to understand all this pre-marriage-hysteria but what I understand is "magical photographs" certainly shouldn't be a part of it!! What do you think??   

A walk down memory lane...


So, I am back after a short sabbatical, thanks to the non-functional wifi connection at my home. Although I didn't write anything for so many days, the thoughts kept pouring in. Today I'll share my recent experience at my school. Before starting, I would like to congratulate one of my college friends, "Kharbi" for making it to XLRI!!! Wish you a bright future and successful career ahead. Keep flying... :-)

Few days back I went to my school along with my childhood school friend. We met so many teachers after a long time, which was simply heart-warming. It has been six years since I completed my schooling. The fact that even after so many years, our teachers remembered us by our names, was overwhelming. As I student, I was quite reserved and shy(I still am). There were students who were extrovert and outspoken, and very quickly teachers would get to know their names. Since I was not that talkative, teachers would get to know my name slowly and gradually through my good academic performance or sometimes through my skills as a violinist. Therefore, whenever a teacher used to call me by my name for the first time, it used to give me a sense of pride. 

Our teachers discussed about developments in our careers and lives. Some of them also shared their personal life experiences with us. Over the years, our bonding with our teachers has also changed. During school days, we would only talk about subjects, curriculum, syllabus, exams, assignments, etc and that too in a formal manner. At that time, I had never imagined that one day we would sit with them and chat like long lost friends!! We talked about education, profession, struggling days, marriage, ideal life partner, kids, etc, basically about different phases of life we have been through or we will go through in future.

Walking through the corridors, seeing our classrooms, labs, playground and basement, brought back a flood of memories from the past. Sometimes my friends ask me what is it that keeps me attached to my school, whereas I ask them what is it that detaches them from their respective schools!! It's the place where we started as seeds and grew up into trees. It's the place that holds beautiful memories of our childhood. It's the place where we learnt basic rules of life. It's the place where our roots belong. The satisfaction that our school still remembers us, is what takes us back...     

A Farewell Poem

I recently wrote this piece of poetry at my friend's request for his mother's colleague's retirement. Sharing  it here:

In our beautiful journey of life,
Some people came and some went,
In this heavy moment of goodbye,
I cherish the beautiful times we spent,
Days won't be the same without you,
Every special moment will dearly miss you,
Years of our friendship have passed,
But today I feel that time just flew,
It's not just a goodbye to say,
It's a promise to stay connected forever,
It's not just a memory of beautiful moments,
It's a promise to live many more together,
As they say life must go on,
A journey ends and a new one starts,
Adhering to the rule of life,
Someone arrives and someone departs,
On the onset of your new journey,
I extend my heartiest wishes to you,
We may not be together in this,
But our treasured friendship shall always continue...  


I recently read Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020 and was instantly reminded of my 11th-12th days. I had opted for non-medical(engineering) in 11th standard. Like most of my classmates, I joined a coaching institute  to prepare for engineering entrance exams. Since academically I was an above-average student, my teachers had high expectations from me. Though I wanted to get into a good engineering college, I never had any strong desire to be an IITian. However, my teachers were quite confident that I would crack IIT-JEE. In the coaching tests, my scores used to fluctuate. At times I would see my name at the top of the list, at times in the middle, and sometimes even near the bottom(never at the last though). Those two years of preparation had too many ups and downs. Balancing the performance in school as well as coaching institute, completing endless assignments, innumerable tests at school and institute, appreciation as well as humiliation, the burden of living up to teachers' expectations, hope to rise and fear to fall, it had all. 

It was 8th April 2007. JEE was the first of our entrance exams and that day I was scared like hell. After two years of tremendous hard work, I didn't want to screw it. For me, living up to my teachers' expectations was far more important than getting into IIT and therefore I wanted to crack JEE. Alas!!! I screwed up the physics section and disappointed my physics teacher. I scored well in maths and chemistry. However, since the overall score was less, getting a good rank was completely out of question. That day I realized what fear can do. Well, frankly speaking I always knew that IIT was not my cup of tea and therefore I shouldn't have felt so bad about screwing up JEE. Despite that the physics section haunted me for days. After JEE, I had AIEEE, IP University and DCE entrance exams. During these three exams, I was absolutely fearless. My parents were pretty cool. They never really pressurized me to get into a top engineering college. My teachers had less expectations from me, which kind of relieved my burden. I somehow developed a "Bring it on" kind of an attitude after screwing up JEE. Since I had screwed up the most important of all exams, I wasn't scared about screwing up others and strangely, I did pretty well in rest of them!! I got good ranks in AIEEE, IPU and DCE and even managed a rank in JEE, not so good though. At last I managed to get into a reputed engineering college, making my parents and teachers proud.

When I look back, I see just one reason for my fear - the burden of expectations. We cannot and we do not have to live up to people's expectations all the time. The more we try to do so, the more we fear, and the less we achieve...  


Before starting, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy new year!! Hope the coming year brings with it lots of happiness and joy.

For me, 2013 began on a wonderful note. Meeting again so many friends, lots of smiles, lots of laughs, lots of hugs, lots of chats, lots of clicks, lots of pics and lots of fun... 11th January 2013, Convocation at college was truly a memorable day!! On one hand I feel extremely happy that I could be a part of such lovely memories and on the other, I feel as if now the umbilical cord that so far kept us bonded to our college has been cut. Ever since we passed out from DCE in 2011, we always had a reason to go back, be it our mark sheets, provisional degree, data validation, consolidated marksheet, security refund, degree etc etc. It seems as if the amazing and memorable journey of being an engineer is finally over now. 

Our Convocation was one-and-a-half day process. According to the notice, we had to reach college by 2:30 PM on 10th January for mandatory dress rehearsal(that never took place :P). We reached college well in time. The best part was meeting again so many batchmates, some of whom I was meeting for the first time since we had passed out. We had to register for the convocation by signing some sheets that already had our names and after that we had to fill a form to collect our convocation robes and caps. Believe me, it was a total chaos!! There weren't any proper queues and everything was absolutely unorganized. We managed to sign the sheets somehow, however collecting the robe seemed to be an onerous task!! Initially me and two of my friends struggled to make way through the crowd and failed miserably. Ultimately we handed over our forms and robe-rent to another friend of ours who bravely got into the crowd and nearly after half an hour emerged out with four robes and four caps!! We actually felt as if a big mission had been accomplished!!

Next day i.e. 11th January, we reached college around 11 AM only to find out that toppers would be called on stage and rest of the people would be given degrees near the area outside the auditorium. We were slightly disappointed, however given the fact that nearly five B.Tech batches and some M.Tech and MBA batches were called, calling all the people on the stage was highly unlikely. Nevertheless, we didn't lose heart. Excitedly we wore our robes and caps and then began a series of photo sessions!! It was a cheerful and lively atmosphere. Thankfully it was a bright, sunny day. Cameras were clicking all around. People were tossing their caps in groups to capture that very "Convocation moment"!!  Lunch was organised by the college administration. For sometime we forgot our sophisticated corporate-life mannerisms and relived those good old student-days when we would excitedly gorge on "free food", not to forget desserts!! :D We also met our vice-chancellor and some of our faculty members. On the whole, it was a great day and we had a gala time!!   It's difficult so say when so many of us will gather at the same place again. For the time being, we have beautiful memories to cherish for life. Proud to be an engineer and even more proud to be a DCEite!! Miss you DCE!! :-)