A Farewell Poem

I recently wrote this piece of poetry at my friend's request for his mother's colleague's retirement. Sharing  it here:

In our beautiful journey of life,
Some people came and some went,
In this heavy moment of goodbye,
I cherish the beautiful times we spent,
Days won't be the same without you,
Every special moment will dearly miss you,
Years of our friendship have passed,
But today I feel that time just flew,
It's not just a goodbye to say,
It's a promise to stay connected forever,
It's not just a memory of beautiful moments,
It's a promise to live many more together,
As they say life must go on,
A journey ends and a new one starts,
Adhering to the rule of life,
Someone arrives and someone departs,
On the onset of your new journey,
I extend my heartiest wishes to you,
We may not be together in this,
But our treasured friendship shall always continue...  


  1. A lovely farewell post, Radhika!

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Mr. Rahul.. :-)
      I feel I could have written much better had I personally known the person for whom I was writing this poem...

  2. Great .. words from depth of heart !!