A walk down memory lane...


So, I am back after a short sabbatical, thanks to the non-functional wifi connection at my home. Although I didn't write anything for so many days, the thoughts kept pouring in. Today I'll share my recent experience at my school. Before starting, I would like to congratulate one of my college friends, "Kharbi" for making it to XLRI!!! Wish you a bright future and successful career ahead. Keep flying... :-)

Few days back I went to my school along with my childhood school friend. We met so many teachers after a long time, which was simply heart-warming. It has been six years since I completed my schooling. The fact that even after so many years, our teachers remembered us by our names, was overwhelming. As I student, I was quite reserved and shy(I still am). There were students who were extrovert and outspoken, and very quickly teachers would get to know their names. Since I was not that talkative, teachers would get to know my name slowly and gradually through my good academic performance or sometimes through my skills as a violinist. Therefore, whenever a teacher used to call me by my name for the first time, it used to give me a sense of pride. 

Our teachers discussed about developments in our careers and lives. Some of them also shared their personal life experiences with us. Over the years, our bonding with our teachers has also changed. During school days, we would only talk about subjects, curriculum, syllabus, exams, assignments, etc and that too in a formal manner. At that time, I had never imagined that one day we would sit with them and chat like long lost friends!! We talked about education, profession, struggling days, marriage, ideal life partner, kids, etc, basically about different phases of life we have been through or we will go through in future.

Walking through the corridors, seeing our classrooms, labs, playground and basement, brought back a flood of memories from the past. Sometimes my friends ask me what is it that keeps me attached to my school, whereas I ask them what is it that detaches them from their respective schools!! It's the place where we started as seeds and grew up into trees. It's the place that holds beautiful memories of our childhood. It's the place where we learnt basic rules of life. It's the place where our roots belong. The satisfaction that our school still remembers us, is what takes us back...