The Bride...

In the last two-three months, I attended a lot of weddings within my family circle. In most of them, I was from the groom's side. Hence, I thought of writing something about how a bride feels, as seen through my eyes...

My cousin Anuj Bansal and his beautiful bride, Vasu Bhabhi :-)

Her heart rhythming to the mixed feelings of,
Nervousness and pride,
Holding her breath and the red dress,
Walks the beautiful bride...

She looks up with her mesmerizing eyes,
To see her family and in-laws,
Some admire her for her perfections,
Some criticize her for her flaws...
She wears an elegant smile for all,
And lets the anxiety hide,
Holding her breath and the red dress,
Walks the beautiful bride...

Amidst the decorations and sparkling lights,
Her eyes look for her groom,
The one who makes her stars shine,
The one who makes her bloom...
What to say and when to say,
She lets her groom decide,
Holding her breath and the red dress,
Walks the beautiful bride...

As she steps into a new world,
A million thoughts cross her mind,
Starting with a new journey of life,
She leaves a journey behind,
She sheds and shares those precious tears,
Before changing her side,
Overcoming the grief of separation,
Walks the beautiful bride...

Magical photographs!!

Recently a friend of mine shared her experience at a photo studio. Her parents took her to the studio and got few of her photographs clicked to circulate within their family circle to find a suitable groom for her. She was asked to dress-up in a traditional attire, wear make-up, smile, carry dupatta in a particular manner,  pose in different angles, etc. They also told her that her facial features would be enhanced by photoshop. Well, I do not agree with the idea of getting such photographs clicked in a studio where you and your photograph are unnecessarily "decorated"!! Some people in my facebook friend-list have posted such "enhanced" pics of theirs in past and frankly speaking I could see wide disparity between their normal pics and studio pics. Some looked quite mature(due to heavy make-up and attires) in studio pics as compared to their normal pics. Some looked too fair from their actual complexion, some had their pimples gone, some had their scars gone, some had an unusual glow on their face, some looked thin, etc. Basically, those pics made them look like someone they were not!!

The point is, should we lose our identity for the people who are currently unknown to us?? Should we portray ourselves as a different person just to please someone?? Why shouldn't we let people like and love us the way we our, in our day to day lives. Why do we need that extra "digital decoration" for ourselves?? Sometimes I feel that marriage is a very hypersensitive topic in our Indian society. Once you are in the 23-24 age-group, parents become too restless and hyperactive to find a suitable life partner for you!! All of a sudden they become your hair-stylists, your costume-designers and your make-up artists so that you look noticeable among a group of people. I completely fail to understand all this pre-marriage-hysteria but what I understand is "magical photographs" certainly shouldn't be a part of it!! What do you think??