A tryst with nature!

Hi readers! I recently underwent lasik eye surgery to get rid of my specs and lenses. It kept me away from blogging for so many days. I am back now! Today I would like to share my experiences during my recent hills-trip to Almora-Nainital-Mukteshwar,Uttrakhand.

On the first day we went to Almora, reached there by evening. Took this snap from our guest house:

Shortly after reaching there, we all decided to take a stroll through the local, popular market of Almora. It was a narrow and busy lane, over a kilometer long, architecturally not so developed. Almost throughout the lane, we could see uncountable sparrows sitting on long wires over the electrical pillars and buildings. I had never seen such a sight in Delhi, so thought of capturing it.

Next day, we visited some popular temples near Almora. First we went to Jaageshwar temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is also among "Jyotirlingas" all over India. Other than the main temple, there were various small temples dedicated to other Gods.

Well, I am a bit cynical about the concept of so many Gods and hence so many temples. On one hand we say God is one, while on the other, we contradict ourselves by dividing God into so many sub-gods, why?? We perform separate pujas for all, separate aartis, get separate prasaad, but wish for the same!! We also saw a huge tree(picture below) in the temple premises. You can see that the tree-trunk is divided into two parts. According to the pujaris, one part signifies Lord Shiva and the other signifies Lordess Parvati.

We visited another temple called "Golu Devta temple". I was amazed to see thousands of bells, of all sizes tied there! People tie bells in this temple when their wish gets fulfilled or on the onset of some important life event.

After vising this temple, we headed straight to Nainital. Owing to the rains, weather there was cool and pleasant. We could see clouds over the mountains and the lake looked serene as ever. Along with the cool wind, boating was a lovely experience there.

The lake looked beautiful at night as well!

Next day we visited another peaceful hill station called Mukteshwar. While I was sitting and admiring the view, I heard voices of some children. There was a primary school right behind me and all the students were repeating lines from a lesson after the lines were being said by a particular student. It was an open classroom. After few minutes their class teacher came and started with attendance. The teacher was calling out names and the students present had to say "Yes Mam" at their respective names. In case of absentees, all the students would collectively say "Mam nahi aaya/aayi"(Mam, the student hasn't come). It reminded me of my primary school days. Took some snaps at Mukteshwar:

We also visited peach and apple gardens on the way.

That's my Dad and Aunt

On the whole, it was an easy trip, a nice break from our regular, fast lives!

Before signing off, I would like to share a video of my performance at my company's annual dinner. Some of us, who are quite passionate about music, have formed a band called "Enchanting Engineers". I'll share more videos in future. Leaving you with a glimpse :)