A Musical Saturday!! :)

Yesterday some of us, from our company's music group called "Enchanting Engineers", met for our monthly jam session and needless to say, we enjoyed every bit of it. We sang, played and recorded some memorable songs, shared musical memories from our past and created new memories to be cherished in future. Sometimes people ask me, what is so exciting about going to the office on weekends and singing/playing random songs thus, wasting your holiday! Well, in corporate world, people hardly take out time for themselves. It really surprises me when I see people talking about work during tea/coffee breaks, lunch, and even after office gets over. The life of such people revolves around their work, work and only work. On the other hand there are people who want to live and explore their passions amidst their professional lives, be it music, dancing, reading. travelling, sports, etc and that's the way it should be! Life shouldn't just be about going to the office, working, coming back, eating, sleeping, going the office next day and so on. When I meet people who have the same understanding and passion towards music as I have, it brings alive my musical skills. I consider myself very lucky to have found some such people at my workplace and whenever we meet for our jam sessions, time really flies. It's not just about singing or playing random songs. It's about keeping our passion alive in this fast-paced life where people are just running without knowing their destination.  It's not about wasting a holiday by going out rather than relaxing at home. It's about making the best out of the time we get and I feel it's a lovely way to spend your holiday. We'll never get time for anything. We'll have to create time for our hobbies and passions before they get lost within us. Slowly and gradually we are building a collection of our recordings thus, capturing some lovely moments together. Saturday couldn't have been better than this!! Sharing one of the recordings from yesterday's session, the song "Slow motion angrez" from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Do watch!! :)

For you my dear brother.. :)


I want you to be a successful man,
Who lives his life on his own terms,
Unperturbed by number of miles to run,
Who jumps over every hurdle that comes...

I want you to be a doting son,
Who loves his parents despite all odds,
Even in this mad rush of life,
Never leaves behind his lords...

I want you to be a loving husband,
Who treats his wife like a queen,
And respects that she left her world,
To walk with him on a path unseen...

I want you to be a responsible father,
Whose kids will always know and understand,
Their father not just gave them wings to fly,
But also gave them a ground to land...

And finally,

I want you to be a naughty brother,
Who leaves no stone unturned to trouble his sis,
But despite all the troubles and fights,
Loves her like a little princess...

Happy 22nd Birthday to you Bro!!

Two years in the Corporate World!

Same day, same time, two years back, I was wondering what does life have in store for me! Today, it has been two years in the corporate world and I feel it happened just yesterday. Time really flies. Needless to say, these two years have taught me a lot, not just about work, but also about life, people and situations. Being through so many ups and downs has certainly made me a better and stronger person. When I look back, I don't really regret much. Whatever mistakes I made, taught me some important lessons of life that I might not have learnt otherwise. My achievements took my confidence to new levels. Moreover, interacting and working with different kinds of people has been an interesting experience altogether.  Every individual has his own perception towards work, and coordinating with various individuals having different perceptions has been a learning experience. Along with the positive aspects, this life can be equally harsh as well. Yes there have been times when I was wrong, and also when I was wronged. There were situations when I had to be nice to people I personally never liked. There have been circumstances when I had to keep my mouth shut despite being right, when I had to follow insensible instructions of my colleagues just because they were more experienced and I was a fresher, when I was not given due credit for my work, etc etc. This is the truth of corporate world. At one moment it fills your heart with pride whereas at another it humiliates you like anything. At one moment it takes you to new heights of success, whereas at another it thrashes you so badly that you do not even realize what just happened. In short, it's a grey world. People say that you cannot make friends in a professional environment which, to a great extent is true. Here friendships are short-lived. I have made very very few, close "friends" during two years of my professional life and hope they'll always remain that way. On the whole, it has been a sweet and sour experience for me and I am sure there is a lot more to learn in coming years!

Leaving you with a video from one of our jam sessions. Do watch!