For you my dear brother.. :)

I want you to be a successful man,
Who lives his life on his own terms,
Unperturbed by number of miles to run,
Who jumps over every hurdle that comes...

I want you to be a doting son,
Who loves his parents despite all odds,
Even in this mad rush of life,
Never leaves behind his lords...

I want you to be a loving husband,
Who treats his wife like a queen,
And respects that she left her world,
To walk with him on a path unseen...

I want you to be a responsible father,
Whose kids will always know and understand,
Their father not just gave them wings to fly,
But also gave them a ground to land...

And finally,

I want you to be a naughty brother,
Who leaves no stone unturned to trouble his sis,
But despite all the troubles and fights,
Loves her like a little princess...

Happy 22nd Birthday to you Bro!!

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