67 Years of Independence!

When I got up in the morning, weather was lovely owing to yesterday night's rain. I came out in the balcony of my house to feel and enjoy the cool wind. Suddenly I saw a big flock of pigeons flying in the sky and it disappeared within few seconds. Two words immediately came to my mind - "Independence" and "Unity" and so here I am writing this post! Fly together wherever you feel like, this the actual independence and unity according to me. And then I thought about our country. Taking facts from and sms that said: "31 states, 1618 languages, 6400 castes, 6 religions, 6 ethnic groups, 29 major festivals & 1 country! Be proud to be an Indian!" I wonder whether it is actually something to feel proud of or not. We all hear and say that one of the best things about India is "Unity in diversity". No doubt there is diversity, but where is the unity?

We already have 31 states and there are requests to create new ones, what for? Why are we creating so many boundaries within our own country? We have 1618 languages. Having so many languages restricts communication between individuals of different communities. I have personally observed and experienced that people speaking common language tend to communicate and hence gel more, be it punjabis, gujratis, bengalis or madrasis, We have 6400 castes and we are well aware of the repercussions. Every now and then we hear about people from a particular caste demanding reservations. Inter-caste marriages are still a taboo in our society. Even now upper caste people look down upon lower caste people. Why do we have so many castes? We have 6 religions. Again, people tend to be among people of their own religion. If a muslim actor portrays the role of a hindu god, people object to it. If a hindu actor portrays the role of a muslim personality, people object to it. We are in the 21rst century and when I read about such things, it makes me sad. We indeed have lots and lots of diversity but I don't think we have that much unity. I don't know whether I am right or wrong, but I personally feel that so much of diversity hinders our unity. We must break these barriers to feel proud of unity in diversity, which is very unlikely to happen. I wish which we were like those pigeons who are free from such barriers and can fly wherever they want, TOGETHER. I do not wish to dampen the spirit of patriotism today. There are many other reasons that actually make us proud. Our sportspersons, scientists, social workers, entrepreneurs, armymen and artists have left no stone unturned to make India shine on the world map. Salutes to them as they have actually demonstrated the true meaning of independence. Signing off on this positive note. Happy Independence Day!


  1. A fit example quoted by you Radhika of the flight of pigeons portraying freedom and unity!!

    1. What a coincidence that I saw that sight on Independence Day!