My school's Silver Jubilee!! :)

It has been 25 years since Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini, Delhi( i.e. mera school :-) ) came into existence. Childhood is the most beautiful phase of a person's life and schooling is an integral part of childhood. Therefore there are lots and lots of childhood memories associated with one's schooling. When I recall my school days, there are so many things that come to my mind. Morning assembly, attendance, classrooms, labs, corridors, music, orchestra, arts, most awaited P.T. period, lunch break, summer vacations, holiday homework, exams, competitions, annual day, sports day, teachers' day, open day, farewell, basant mela, razzmatazz.. and the list is endless. It has been more than six years since i passed out but the memories are vibrant as ever! I was among the most punctual and coward students. Coward because I was always scared of getting punished and hence, would leave no stone unturned to escape punishments. I would always reach school in time, complete my homework in time, dress-up properly without missing any single component of the school uniform, stay absolutely quiet during lectures and study hard to score well in exams. Despite portraying such a remarkable behaviour, I was slapped four times, once hit by a notebook on my head and once hit by a duster on my hand during my entire school life. Maybe it's hard to believe but I clearly remember all the six incidents even now and hence will be sharing them. :D

First slap : I was in montessori at that time(academic year 1994-95). Children in our class were making a lot of noise as our class-teacher was not there in the classroom at that time. Suddenly the teacher from adjacent classroom came and there was pin-drop silence. She must have asked who was making noise to which no one replied, which was very obvious. As a result she slapped all the students of our class and I was also one of them.

Second slap : I was in first standard(academic year 1995-96). I was participating in march-past for our annual sports day. I had to hold the flag of my house(all the students were divided into different houses for conducting inter-house competitions) and hence I had to stand in front with people of my house behind me. All the houses were supposed to stand in a particular order. During rehearsals, I stood at wrong place and therefore all the children who were supposed to stand behind me stood at the wrong place too. One of the teachers of our house came, very calmly made me stand in the correct position and seconds later, gave me a tight slap! :(

Third slap : This was similar to the first one. I was in third standard(academic year 1997-98). Our teacher went out for 5-10 minutes during which our class became too noisy. When she came back, she slapped all of us.

Fourth slap : I was in fifth standard(academic year 1999-2000). We were supposed to prepare songs and dances for Christmas-New year celebrations. Surprisingly I was chosen for dance instead of music. Our dance teacher was pretty strict will us. During rehearsals I did a wrong step for which I got slapped by him. Good thing was, throughout the rehearsals, I got slapped just once!  

Duster on hand : I was in eighth standard(academic year 2003-04) and it was our hindi lecture. Our hindi teacher asked me to mention two synonyms of hindi word khag(bird). I mentioned pakshi and panchhi. He said these won't be considered as two different synonyms as panchhi which is a hindi word, came from pakshi which is a sanskrit word. Since I couldn't recall another synonym of khag, he hit a duster on my hand and similar happened with various other students. After that day I always remembered the synonyms of this word : nabhchar and vihag, believe me I didn't google them!

Notebook on head : This happened in the same year as duster on hand. Our science teacher had given us an assignment to make some ray diagrams for convex and concave lenses. Apart from few people, most of us made lots of mistakes in the ray diagrams. Our science teacher got really furious on checking our notebooks. She personally called each one of us in the front, showed everyone what mistakes we had made, and then as per her convenience, scolded/slapped/hit us by notebook. I escaped her slap as I was a specky and for slapping me she would have had to ask me to remove my specs :D

I had never thought one day I would be writing and sharing all this so proudly! These memories always bring a smile to face and will always bring a smile to my face. What days they were, wish I could relive them. I feel extremely proud of my school and teachers and wish endless years of existence to BBPS, Rohini. Before signing off, leaving you with a video from our latest jam session, the song "Kyun" from movie Barfi. Do watch!