Confessions of a violinist!


Believe me, it's true! I have been playing violin for many years now. Whenever people see violin in my hands, one song I am always asked to play is "Mohabbatein" from SRK's popular movie with the same name. I won't deny the fact that being capable of playing such a popular song used to give me a sense of pride initially. However, over the time I have become quite repulsive towards this song, reason being people think that Mohabbatein is the only song that is supposed to be played on violin! And hence, one line that I don't really wish to hear anymore is "zara mohabbatein suna do" (please play mohabbatein). Another misconception people have is that violin is meant only for sad songs. I remember, once my music teacher in school asked a student to learn violin. Moreover, my teacher introduced me to that student's parents who were present there, so that they could take some feedback from me regarding how easy/difficult learning violin was. Immediately that student's mother said, "No no, i don't want my son to play sad songs". I was completely taken aback by her comment!  According to me, violin is the instrument that comes closest to singing. Like a singer can sing sad as well as cheerful songs, violin sounds appealing for sad songs as well as equally lively for peppy songs. I told that lady not to go by the general perception as it is absolutely wrong. Don't know whether she let her son learn violin or not. Other than that i have been asked some weird questions too. Once someone asked me if I had learnt whole violin or not. I am still not sure what that person meant by "whole" violin. Few other questions I have been asked are how I decide which string to press and when, how I realize that I am supposed to move bow(violin stick) in a particular manner, why it doesn't slip from my hands while playing, if I get lost in the song while playing violin, etc. I could never answer most of the questions!! If you ask me what's the best thing about being a violinist, I would say I can play my favourite songs even when I am all alone.. that's the best thing for me. Sharing a video from a recent office event. Do watch!! :-)

An exciting trip!!

Writing after a long time. A lot had been happening over the past few weeks and a lot more is on the cards!! Jam sessions, Jaisalmer trip, awaited performance at an office event and the upcoming Bangalore trip!! It's excitement all around!! I'll share experiences of my Jaisalmer trip in this post. 

Last week I went for a family trip to Jaisalmer-Jodhpur for four days and loved every bit of it! We reached there on 28th Sept, by noon. After freshening up in the hotel, we moved out to taste delicious Rajasthani food. The first meal of our trip included daal baati churma and gatte ki sabzi. The food had loads of desi ghee in it, as expected, and we all relished it. After that we went to Patwa Haveli. The architecture was simply beautiful. We could make out what level of lavishness and artistry prevailed in old days.

We also met this guy who is trying to break his father's world record of longest moustache!!

In the evening we watched puppet show at our hotel. I was watching a puppet show after many many years and therefore was quite excited to see it.

Next day we went to Indo-Pak border. On the way, we stopped at Tannot Mata temple. Remember the small temple in the movie Border that was untouched and undamaged by the bombings?? It was the same temple, difference being it was not small anymore. This temple is frequently visited by BSF men.

After visiting the temple, we headed straight to the border and I could recollect scenes from the movie Border. I cannot exactly explain how I felt being there. It was a different feeling. Being at the place which was a war zone once, watching Indian and Pakistani flags, BSF men and the hard conditions they live in, it all gave me jitters. It was an unforgettable visit I must say.

After vising border, we went for desert safari and camel ride amidst desert. Desert safari was an amazing experience. There were few scary moments too but on the whole it was great fun and adventure!

Next day we visited Jaisalmer fort, the beautiful jain temple built within it, followed by Gadisar lake. Here are few snaps of fort and the temple.

In the evening, Rajasthani folk music and dance events were scheduled at our hotel. Music was simply spellbinding. Being a musician myself,  I could understand its intricacy, if not words and loved it so much that I could hear it for hours. Lovely musicians and dancers they were. Respect!! Finally, heading towards the end of our trip, we spent the last day in Jodhpur. Got a chance to visit the lavish Umaid bhawan palace and the fascinating Mehrangarh fort, both owned by Maharaja Gaj Singh. We also got to know about interesting stories associated with both the places.

On the whole it was a memorable trip. Looking forward to the Bangalore trip that's on the cards now. Hope it turns out be equally exiting and memorable!! :-)