Happy New Year!!!

Hello folks! Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! Hope the coming year brings with it lots of excitement and joy for all. An year has come and an year just went by. 2013 was quite eventful with lots of memorable moments. For me, the highlight of 2013 was "Enchanting Engineers", the music group formed by me and some of my colleagues.

After completing engineering in 2011, when I started with my job, I really missed having musicians around me. During my schooling, I was an active member of our school orchestra and in my college I actively participated in the events of our music society, Madhurima. I got to interact as well as perform with various people who were talented and extremely passionate about music, the way I am. There was always an enthusiasm and excitement to meet such people and bond with them over music. Initially I didn't find any such people at my workplace. There were times when I used to feel that my music will get lost somewhere within me. I was not in touch with people from my school orchestra or my seniors from Madhurima. I really missed my musical sessions with them and the thought that I might not be able to have such sessions again left me desolate. Later in 2011, our company was acquired by a bigger company, Synopsys. Through Synopsys I got in touch with Jagminder, our IT expert and soon came to know about his guitaring skills from some youtube links of his performances. Similarly he came to know about my musical skills through some of the youtube links of my performances in college and this is how our interaction began. Slowly and gradually I met more such people in Synopsys who were passionate about music. Last year in the month of June, we all performed at our company's annual function, and it was then that we gave ourselves the name "Enchanting Engineers". After the annual function, we decided to meet for monthly jam sessions. We started with these sessions in the month of June and ever since we have had a string of jam sessions. In these sessions, we sing and play songs, record some and cherish some. The purpose is to take out sometime from our busy schedules and engage ourselves in what we are passionate about, i.e. music. We are not professionals and don't intend to compete with professional singers and musicians. We simply love music and hence there is always an excitement and enthusiasm to go to the office for jam, even if it's a Saturday!! My colleagues who are a part of Enchanting Engineers, have become more of friends now and it's great fun. We laugh, smile, pull each others' leg, and off course sing and play music. Once again I have musicians around me, talented and passionate about music, the way I am. I can just thank them for filling my life with music once again. The feeling of desolation that I initially had, is gone now and I am truly loving this phase of my life, full of music!! Leaving you with some of our recordings. Do watch, and once again, Happy New Year!! :-)