Random thoughts

There are three kinds of people in this world:

Type I - These people can never understand the person within you.You'll be tired of explaining but their questions will never end. Rather than understanding why you behave in a particular manner, they'll question your behaviour and hence, you'll always end up playing a game of questions, answers and further questions. In short, these people know a lot, but understand nothing.

Type II - You'll explain and they'll understand.

Type III - They'll understand even before you'll start explaining, rather you won't really have to explain much.

The understanding and lack of understanding associated with these three kinds of people is usually independent of the amount of time you spend with them. At times, you tend to go blank with a person you might have known for years and sometimes a new person comes and fills in those blanks! Most of us would have come across at least one person of each type in our lives. I am mainly intrigued by Type I and Type III. I have met people who literally question things like why you like mountains and not sea, why you like sand and not snow, why you like whisky and not wine! On the other hand, some make me feel as if they understand me more than I understand myself and that too without bombarding me with questions. World is full of different kinds of people. We tend to get along with those who understand and accept these differences instead of questioning them. All the colours are different because they are supposed to be different. There is no reason for blue being blue and green being green. But then, some people don't look beyond colours to admire the beautiful picture they make. I have come across some such people too. While talking to them I sometimes doubt my abilities to explain and understand and sometimes end up here on blogger, writing posts inspired by those inconclusive conversations! I scribbled few lines while I was fiddling with these thoughts:

I don't know why sky is blue,
I don't know why grass is green,
I don't know why hills are beautiful,
I don't know why sea is serene,
I don't know why birds fly,
I don't know why flowers blossom,
I don't know why stars twinkle,
I don't know why rains are awesome,
All I know is,
I like the colour of sky,
I like to see birds fly,
I like the blossoming flowers,
I like the twinkling stars,
Some find me sweet, 
Some find me obscure,
Some like me less,
Some like me more,
Only if I could say,
And only if the world could see,
Beyond being liked, beyond being sweet,
I like being me!

Before signing off, leaving you with a video from our latest jam session. Do watch!

When my friend got married...

First of all, I would like to congratulate my childhood friend Deeksha, who got married last week and stepped into a new phase of life. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world. :-)

Talking about Deeksha, she was among the first few friends of my life. I must have been around 6-7 years old when her family shifted to a first-floor flat in our building. In those days, there were around 8-9 children of our age group in our neighbourhood and we all used to play together in the evening. Hide and seek, stapu, gallery, sun moon land water sea, oonch neech ka paapda, tipy tipy tap, langdi tang, pakdam pakdai, vish-amrit, dumb charades, badminton... all these games were a part of our beautiful childhood. Academically she was an average student. She would often tell me how her dad would give her lectures by highlighting my good academic record! Once she jokingly told me that going by how much her Dad praises me, he should actually adopt me!! As we grew up, evening games were replaced by evening chats. Sitting on the stairs of the first floor of our building and discussing all kinds of nonsensical topics is something I'll always miss. The thought of getting married would literally scare the hell out of us! Over the last two years, we have had so many conversations about funny guys we have come across and who among the two us should/will get married first.  When she got engaged last year, first thought that crossed my mind was, "Deeksha Kohli, you are the one getting married first, and I am loving it! :D". Slowly and gradually as her wedding day drew closer, the feeling that she'll be leaving soon, started sinking in. On her wedding day, I spent a lot of time with her. Knowing as well as feeling her excitement, nervousness, anxiety and watching her become a bride was an interesting as well as moving experience. That day, I captured this moment when she was lying down and resting after some morning ceremonies:

I'll fondly miss the lovely days of our childhood and friendship, including birthday parties, conversations, pulling each others' leg, fun at festivals like Holi, Diwali, Lohri and Janmashtami and not to forget the bhandaras at our society's temple!! There is a part of her life about which she never talked and I never asked. But I certainly know that her life was not as lovey-dovey as it seemed. I heartily wish for her new phase of life to be full of unconditional love and joy. May she live like a queen with the king of her heart. Congratulations and best of luck!! 

P.S. Deeksha : Me and Prateek missed your jaimala because at that time I was crying in the lawn and he was trying to cheer me up by repeatedly telling me that crying would ruin my make-up!! Love you loads :-)