The hassles of dressing up!

Have you ever faced a situation when you had to get ready for an important event and at the last moment you realized that the dress you had decided for yourself turned out to be ill-fitted, was not ironed well enough to be worn, was turned down by some of your family members, didn't have the matching accessories, etc ?? Well, I hope the answer would be 'Yes' for most of the people. For those who say 'No', salutes to them. Talking about my own family, my dad falls into the category of those people whose job is to give a thumbs down to every outfit selected by their family members! Me, mom, dad and my bro are four completely different characters when it comes to dressing up. Starting with my mom, she is the one who plays safe. Well aware of Dad's habit of giving a thumbs down at the last moment, she tells him well in advance that she'll be wearing this particular saree/suit for say a family function. In case Dad doesn't find it that appealing, they both mutually decide and finalize a saree/suit. Next comes my brother, the laziest person on this earth. He decides what to wear around 15 minutes before our scheduled time of leaving from home. To be more precise, he actually relies on me/mom to select clothes from his wardrobe. If our selected clothes do not appeal to him, then we are the ones to be blamed! Talking about myself, I am ridiculously stubborn about dressing up and it often leads to heated arguments(yes, even I can be a part of heated arguments!) between me and my dad. When I decide to wear something casual like jeans/capri/top/shirt/tshirt, he asks me to go for something ethnic. When I decide to wear something ethnic like suit, he asks me to wear some different suit. Even when I select the best suit in my wardrobe, he asks me to wear lehenga/saaree. When I select a lehenga, he asks me to wear a saree and vice-a-versa. So basically, he asks me to wear anything but my choice of clothes. However, living up to my heights of stubbornness, I rarely give in to his whims and cries. And finally comes the most interesting part, my Dad. He decides what to wear well in advance and we make sure that his clothes are ironed properly and ready to be worn. Let's take an example of a formal suit. We make sure that when he gets back to home, he finds his suit absolutely ready. Once he wears it, we all realize that the tie doesn't go very well with the shirt. So he checks his wardrobe and instead of picking up a tie that goes well with the shirt, he picks up a shirt that goes well with the tie.  Once he changes the shirt, it doesn't seem to go very well with the trousers and changing the trousers means changing the complete suit! He then again checks his wardrobe to find a pair of trousers that go well with the shirt. Once the trousers are finalized, he tries to find a blazer that goes well with the newly selected shirt and trousers. Men always have some hopeless blazers that are not a part of any formal suit and have to be mixed and matched with different combinations of trousers and shirts. My Dad tries to do the same and then one by one we reject all such blazers. Finally, he decides to slip into one of his band-galaa suits. So the story that begins with a tie, ends with a band-galaa suit, shirt/tie beneath which go completely invisible! And people say women take longer to get ready!! :D Leaving you with a video from our jam session. Do watch!