A new family member :-)


Recently we were joined by a new member in our family, my newly born nephew, Palaash. Heartiest congratulations to my cousin, S and sis-in-law, R on the arrival of their bundle of joy. Few days back was his naming ceremony, followed by a dinner party.  Here are few lines:

He clung tightly to his dear mother,
Unfazed by the surrounding crowd,
They stared at him, and he wondered,
What this circus was all about,
As the crowd dispersed a bit,
I gently took him in my arms,
Wary of causing minutest hurt,
I held his head within my palm,
He smiled at me, he played with my hair,
And then he looked at the lightings around,
Unaware of the joy signified,
By the lightings and the musical sounds,
The next moment he cried for his mother,
She came running as she heard him weep,
Amidst the noisy music and celebrations,
He just longed for moments of peaceful sleep...

Welcome to our world little champ!