Annual day sound-check... after 8 years!

As I had previously mentioned in one of my posts, my school(BBPS, Rohini) recently completed its 25 years. To celebrate the glorious occasion, the principal, teachers, students and ex-students came together to add grandeur to this year's Annual Day, held on 19th April. I was among the few lucky ex-students who got a chance to contribute to the celebrations. Around three weeks before the event, I got a call from my school's instrumental-music teacher, Devraj Sir. He told me that a big event was being planned and he wanted me, along with few other ex-students to participate in the orchestra. I had last participated in my school's Annual function in the year 2006 i.e. eight years back. In the last eights years, I have given many stage performances. However, I always missed being on the stage that was a part of my growing years, the stage on which I performed for the very first time, i.e. my school's stage. Hence, when I came to know about this event, I was thrilled!! Preparations, rehearsals, re-connecting with my friends from school orchestra, sharing my experiences with budding violinists, chatting with teachers like long lost friends, and off course being on that very stage, it was all like a torrent of nostalgia. I could recall and experience the same frenzy as used to be years ago. The tiring rehearsals, cribbing over our annual-day dress(kurta-pyjama), discussing how good/bad the refreshments were, criticizing the sound-system, determination to get a good feedback from Principal mam, efforts to escape foundation and maroon lipstick make-up, watching other performances and deciding how ours was better than all of them, I mean everything was still the same!!

The Orchestra team(With few members missing)

After every annual day, we used to miss the whole process of preparations and excitement. There used to be a kind of void for a few days. I can feel the same void now. On one hand, I feel sad that the whole process of preparations and excitement is over and on the other, I feel equally proud and happy that I could be a vital part of this process. After a long time I got a chance to see little children perform. It was like watching my own childhood before my eyes. This time even teachers participated in different events like singing, orchestra, dance and ballet. It was simply heart-warming to see them perform with so much of poise. On the whole, it was a memorable and an unforgettable experience. This particular annual day will always be remembered in future and I'll be able to tell proudly that I was right there when it happened. Cheers to BBPS Rohini!! I wish my school endless years of glory and success!! :-)

P.S. Will share the performance videos as soon as I get them!