Jab We Met!!

Hello friends! Excited to be back on blogger after such a long time, and that too with lots of exciting stories to share!! It gives me immense pleasure to tell you all that I am engaged now and will be getting married soon!! It's an arranged one for me. Today, I would like to share how I felt when I met my better half, M, for the very first time, what were my thoughts, apprehensions, concerns, etc.

This was taken on our second visit to Mocha.
M is closely related to one of my Dad's college friends, Uncle S. So, it was Uncle S who suggested M for me. It was 13th July, Sunday, and our meeting was scheduled in the evening at a cafe called Mocha. At that time, our house was being renovated. Throughout the day I was engrossed in renovation work, exploring and selecting designs for the rooms, furniture, etc. It was in the evening that the nervousness started building up. My Mom-Dad made sure I was well-dressed with perfectly ironed clothes, straightened hair and light make-up. It was around 15 minutes drive from my place to Mocha. I was escorted by my Dad and Uncle S. On the way, I was constantly wishing for a message/phone call from M/M's family saying that M has some urgent work and hence the meeting would be cancelled. However, that didn't happen. Within 15 minutes we reached Mocha. Two minutes later, M arrived in a Santro Xing. He got down from the car and greeted Dad and Uncle S. After a brief chit chat with M, Dad and Uncle S left for M's place. M was wearing half-frame specs, a red-coloured round-neck Tshirt, black jeans and dark-coloured sports-shoes that had fluorescent laces. Half-frame specs made him look slightly nerdy. First thought that crossed my mind was, I unnecessarily made efforts to dress-up well because this guy is so casually dressed! Anyways, we went in. A waiter asked us whether we would like to sit outside(for hookah) or inside. M turned around, looked at me, and asked, "Hookah"?? "No thanks", I said, and we went inside. "Who smokes a hookah during a formal meeting? Silly guy!", I thought. As we sat down, he immediately said "Wassup"?? Well, I have never been able to figure out the apt reply for Wassup! Should we tell what's going on at the moment? Should we tell about our lives in general? What about our lives? Work? Friends? Home? I mean this Wassup always leaves me confused!! The moment M said "Wassup", a waiter came to take down the order. Thus, I escaped answering to Wassup! "Kitkat shake is very good here", M told me. "Yes, I 'll have a kitkat shake without cream", I said. M ordered an ice-tea for himself. Then, we started talking about general stuff like work, college, family, friends, movies, football(it was FIFA final that day), cricket, music, travelling, food, etc. Basically, we talked about everything but marriage/pre-marriage/post-marriage stuff! Being reserved, at times it gets really difficult for me to strike a conversation with a new person. However with M, I was at ease. I liked his smile and found him quite friendly. We talked for nearly 45 minutes, after which Dad and Uncle S came to pick me from Mocha. M and I exchanged goodbye smiles and left for our respective places. On the way back to home, Dad and Uncle S, who were curiously waiting for the meeting to end, bombarded me with questions! How was the meeting? How did you find M? How was the conversation? Anything positive? Anything negative? This is the biggest repercussion of an arranged marriage. You meet the guy for an hour, and after that you spend hours explaining your parents/friends/relatives what was good, what was not good, etc. The point is, one hour is too less to know someone and form an opinion about him/her, forget about analyzing and then sharing your analysis with other people. So, when my Dad and Uncle S asked me about the meeting, I just told them that the meeting was good and as such nothing negative came up. I reached home, slipped into my night pyjama and tshirt and relaxed myself, thinking at least next 2-3 days won't be eventful. Two hours later, Dad got a call from Uncle S, "It's a yes this side. Come to M's place with boxes of sweets". The moment I heard this, I went numb..... and blank....

P.S. : I have recently restarted Piano playing. Sharing a video.. Do watch!!


  1. congratulations Radhika!
    you are helping me associate and learn about life in general...by sharing your experiences here...thank you!
    will wait to read more from you...

  2. and, what happened next? did you say yes immediately after? you can't leave us like this!!!
    Congrats, Radhika, I loved reading this..had all smiles..and ahem, you noticed the minutest details of what M wore, huh? ;-)

    1. Hahaha!! Have patience Uma... Lots of posts to come!! Thanks!! :-)

  3. Congratulations Radhika. This is a very well written post, but it ended somewhat abruptly. I am sure you plan to write a few more posts on this topic. :)