The Odds & The Evens

Before starting, let me mention that I am not a pro-Kejriwal. I am a Delhiite, i.e. a resident of the most polluted city in the world. So, when I came to know about this new rule of odd-even numbered cars that will be implemented from 1rst January 2016 onwards, I thought of it as a ray of hope. Shortly after this news came out, several jokes and memes related to this rule came out as well. Everyday I see and hear people making a mockery of this rule. "Suppose I go somewhere and come back next day, I'll be fined. What nonsense!", says one. "Now wedding will be a two-day event, one day for people with odd number of cars, and another day for people with even number of cars". Somehow these jokes do not amuse me. I feel people have yet not realized the sensitivity of this whole issue. Delhi's pollution levels have shot up to severe category. The air that we are inhaling each second, is poisonous. It's like dying a slow death. Who said overcoming such a serious problem is going to be an easy task? We are talking about cleaning the air of our city.  Off course it's going to be difficult as it is supposed to be difficult! People have already started cribbing about how they'll be dependent on public transport, how they'll manage to reach somewhere in an emergency situation if the number of their car(odd/even) does not correspond to that particular day. Yes, being dependent on public transport is difficult. But isn't it better than dying a slow death? Probably the government will figure out something for emergency situations. I don't know whether this concept of odd-even car days will be successful or not. But, is simply giving a thumbs down to an effort, the right solution? Can we come up with something better to tackle this? If not, can we at least give a sincere try to this odd-even formula?

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A glimpse of my new family... Part-II

Continuing further from "A glimpse of my new family..." :

I told my friend H about the entire episode. She knew that I was supposed to meet a guy over the weekend but didn't expect that we would get fixed so soon! "Some of M's relatives are coming to meet me in the evening. I am really nervous," I said. "I can understand. Don't worry. Stay calm. Everything will be fine," she said. Shortly, another closed friend of mine, S, joined us. I shared the news with her. Both H and S were extremely surprised and excited whereas I was nervous, and blank. It was a weird feeling, hard to express in words. I couldn't work properly in the office that day. My manager came to discuss some deliverables for our next release. Throughout the discussion, I just kept nodding my head. My mind was somewhere else and hence, his words were going over my head. I left for home earlier than the usual days.

When I reached home, three of my close cousins(my bua's children), were already there. They had come to accompany me and bro for the dinner. Having them alongside was comforting. For dinner, I chose to wear a black shirt with jeans, ironed my hair and got very light make-up done. Five of us reached invitation by 8:30 PM. Bro asked the waiters to set up a table for about 15-20 people on the first floor of the restaurant. By 8:40, we were seated. My bro and one of my cousins went downstairs to received M and M's relatives. M and his relatives reached Invitation around 9:30. As they all entered the restaurant, I saw some familiar and some new faces. Familiar ones were mine and M's common relatives. Including M, there were four men. Rest all ladies. All the ladies were formally dressed in suits. "I should have been formally dressed," I said to myself. M was right at the back. He was wearing a black shirt and a pair of rust-colored trousers. "Ehem Ehem! Looks like the two of you had planned to wear black shirts tonight. Good going!" someone said. I realized both me and M had landed up wearing black shirts. One of M's cousins and my childhood friend, A, introduced me to everyone one.  There were M's cousins, (SIL)sisters-in-law and a close friend. I was too nervous to remember the names. 
Our first pic together... makes me feel nostalgic...
After a brief introduction, we all sat down. I sat next to M. M's close friend, cousin and one of the SILs sat right opposite to us. As we sat down, M's SIL asked us, "Where are you guys going for your honeymoon"? Now that was embarrassing for me. Me and M were yet to exchange numbers. Honeymoon plans were way too far!! "We haven't decided yet," I said. "Why? Honeymoon is the first thing that you guys should decide!" she said and everyone started giggling. Over dinner, everyone asked me general things about my hobbies, education, music, etc. "Excuse me everyone!", one of M's cousins interrupted. "People at home want your pictures. Start posing guys"! The moment he said that, some people took out their mobile phones and started clicking our pictures. I smiled for the pictures, my first couple pictures with M, and it all seemed so weird at that point of time. I had no clue what all was going on in M's mind. His family members were full of life. But... they all were strangers to me. I had to amalgamate myself with them. That day, I couldn't laugh with them when they cracked jokes. I couldn't smile like my real self. I couldn't depict my humorous side. I couldn't eat wholeheartedly in their presence. Becoming a part of a new family was a big task, and a tough one. "It might take some time for me to adjust into your family," I said to M. There were sounds of laughter and chattering all around. I thought I might have been inaudible when I said that. "I understand. Take your time," M said. I liked him when he said that. 

Suddenly M's phone rang. It was his Mom. "Mom wants to speak to you," he said and passed on the phone to me. I was about to have my first conversation with M's Mom and my to-be mother-in-law.....   

A glimpse of my new family...

Continuing further from Jab we met-Part II...

This one is from my last year's b'day
So, I was waiting for my Mom-Dad and bro to return. My bro came home first and gave me a tight hug. He could sense the levels of my nervousness. The strange part was, he hadn't even met the person I got fixed with and was extremely curious to know who this guy was and how come he had managed to woo me in our very first meet! Actually, before I had met M, I was highly unsure about my own self. I knew it was not really easy for me to fall in love and hence, the feeling that I might never fall in love had started creeping in. Although I was not even in love with M at that point of time, moving ahead somehow seemed right. Shortly after bro, Mom-Dad came back. They seemed quite excited. "How was it at M's place?" I asked. "It was great! Many of M's closed relatives had gathered there and all of them were extremely happy. They spoke very highly of M. Moreover, they all are very excited to meet you. Some of them want to meet you tomorrow, over dinner. They'll come to Invitation(a popular restaurant close to my place)," Mom said. I nearly got a panic attack when mom said that. "Don't worry. It's gonna a be a casual affair as just some cousins and friends will come, no elders," Dad said. I was still in a state of shock because of all the previous happenings and at that point of time, the thought of meeting M's friends and cousins was enough to give me a sleepless night. "What am I going to wear tomorrow?" I asked mom. I was meeting some of M's close ones for the first time(I already knew some of them) and I had no idea how they would perceive/judge me. "No need of formals. Go casually," Dad said. After exchanging goodnight hugs, we all went to sleep. The whole night I kept thinking about who all would come, what kind of people they were, what they would think about me, would they like me, would they dislike me, etc. The mind never stopped thinking. I didn't realize when the night went by and it was time to wake up for work.

Next day when I woke up, I could feel the dizziness because of the sleepless night. I hugged and kissed my Mom-Dad. Hugging and kissing them every morning was a part of my routine. But this time, the hugs were different, the kisses were different. Following my normal routine, I started getting ready for office. While I was combing my hair, Dad entered the room, held my arm, pulled me towards himself, hugged me tightly and started crying. At that moment, my strength failed me and I burst into tears. Suddenly I heard Mom's voice, "Stop crying both of you. We still have time!" she said. I looked at Dad and asked him, "How many times will you make me cry like that?". "I don't know," he said and started smiling. I kissed him and left for work. 

When I reached office, one of my close friends, H, was already there. I called her to one the conference rooms in the office, and broke the news. "I have got fixed," I told her. "What?? Really?? What happened yesterday? Tell me everything right now!".
To be continued...


I came across this interesting concept of love-locks during my recent trip to Prague. There is a small footbridge built over river Vltava. One shall find countless number of locks attached to the railing of the footbridge. The concept is, lovers write their names on the lock, attach it to the railing and throw away the key in the river flowing beneath. Symbolically, it signifies two people locking their love forever. In India, people follow customs like throwing a coin in the river after making a wish, tying and untying threads/bells on making a wish and on the fulfillment of the wish respectively, etc. This was something new to me. Our friends asked me and my husband to write our names on a lock and attach it to the railing. Unfortunately we couldn't do so. We had a spare lock with us but we had forgotten its key in our hotel room and hence couldn't lock it to the bridge-railing. Nonetheless, visiting this place was quite an interesting experience for us. Here is a picture of love-locks I had clicked.

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The Untaken Path


I clicked this picture at Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, during a couple's pre-wedding shoot. Here are some lines inspired by this pic:

While walking down the road of life,
I stumbled upon an untaken path,
scared of what might lie ahead of it,
I continued to walk on the taken path,
Despite walking for several miles,
The road remained dull, and so was the season,
A thought of the untaken path crossed my mind,
And I told myself, for no good reason,
I was scared of the ground I had never stepped on,
I was scared of the air I could never breathe,
I was scared of the hurdles I had never faced,
I was scared of the sky I was never beneath,
I turned around to backtrack my steps,
Leaving behind the taken path, 
Only to realise,
All the while I was struggling with my thoughts,
Someone else had taken the untaken path...

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Photography Love!

Hello folks! Amidst so much happening around, I am back with a new post. It's about my newly found love for photography! 

I have been doing photography on and off, for about two years now. After clicking hundreds of pictures from mobile cams, digicams, DSLR and most recently the new-age mirrorless camera, one thing that I can surely say is, a good photographer is the one, who has a good eye. Having a good camera offcourse helps. These days I spend a lot of time clicking pictures from my phone(OnePlus) and my new Sony alpha 6000 mirrorless camera. I further experiment with photo editing softwares and try to bring out completely different forms of my own clicked pictures. Most of my pictures are based on travel and people. I am quite fond of visiting new places, exploring them, listening to as well as capturing the stories associated with them. Recently, I have also started taking pictures of random, static objects and experimenting with different angles and frames. However, my favourite area of photography is, capturing random candid expressions of people. I have clicked many such pictures from DSLR and mirrorless camera with the help of zoom lenses. Sitting silently in the corner of a big room, observing people, capturing smiles, laughter, joy, tears, naughtiness, grief and various such human emotions, is quite an interesting process.  Here is one my clicked pictures.

This woman is a cancer patient. She was silently smiling while watching some pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals at one of my relative's place. I cannot say what all thoughts were crossing her mind at that moment. I am glad that I pressed the camera click button just at the right moment! Later on, I shared this pic with her daughter and her lovely words of appreciation made my day. Every picture narrates a story, such as this! :-)
This one was clicked by canon EOS 600D. 

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Jab We Met - Part II

It was immensely difficult to digest that the process of finding a suitable match for me, that had been going on for such a long time, was suddenly over now. I could see joy in my parents' and grandfather's eyes. My dad gave me a tight hug whereas I was still trying to recover from the shock! Is it actually happening? Have I found my life-partner? Am I about to get married in sometime? There were so many thoughts and questions crossing my mind that for a while, I completely lost the ability to respond. Dad started getting phone calls from mine and M's common relatives. Some of them personally congratulated me too. I just said "Thanks" and nothing beyond that. Shortly, mom-dad left for M's place.  That day, my brother(my best friend too) was out with his friends to watch FIFA world cup final. He was the first person I wanted to hug and speak to. Since he was not at home, I called him. "Hello bro", I said in a tensed voice. "Hi sis, what happened?", he asked me as if he could sense why I had called. "They just called and said yes. Seems like it's fixed!", I said. "What? Really? Are you serious? I can't believe it! Congratulations sis!" he said. "Thanks bro. I am really nervous. Please come home.", I said. "Yes I will", he replied.

I started thinking about my meeting with M, what all we had talked about and more importantly what all we hadn't talked about. Though our meeting was good, I wasn't ready to say yes or no on its basis. Thinking about it continuously made me more and more restless. I called up my friend/colleague, JC, and shared the news with him.

"Hi JC," I said. "I have a big new to share."
"Hi Rockstar," said JC. "Tell me what happened."
"I am no more single now. I met a guy today and both the sides have said yes."
"Wow Rockstar!! That's great news!! Congratulations!! Who is he? What's his name? What does he do? How did you meet?"
I told him about M and our meeting. JC had entered into arranged marriage in the previous year. He understood what I was going through and shared his own pre and post wedding experiences to help me calm down. "Courtship is a crucial period. Right now you hardly know each other. In the coming days, you two will talk, meet, go out for dates, etc. So utilize this time to know and understand each other. Try to figure out what are M's likes, dislikes, goals, perspective towards life, etc. It's a memorable phase and won't come back. So make the best out of it." 
"You are right JC. I'll definitely do that."

And hence, our conversation concluded. Talking to JC did make me feel better. I was still restless and constantly thinking. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Dad's number. I knew Mom-Dad were at M's place and hence for some reason I was hesitant to pick up the phone. 

"Hello," I said. 
"Hi Beta," said Dad. "TN(M's father) wants to speak to you."
The moment Dad said this, my heart sank. 
"Hello Uncle," I said nervously. 
"Hello Beta," said TN. "How are you?"
"I am good Uncle. How are you?"
"I am fine too. Are you happy?"
"Offcourse Uncle. Mom-dad are happy, my grandpa is happy and so am I."
"I know your Mom-dad and grandpa are very happy. I am asking about you. Are you happy too?"
"Yes Uncle. I am happy too." 
Well, I wasn't really sure about my happiness. Just said that so as to keep our conversation short.
"I am really glad that you and M liked each other and said yes after your very first meeting. I am quite excited to meet you. Will plan a meeting with you soon."
"Sure Uncle. I would love to meet you too."

It was actually happening! I was about to meet my new family members, my in-laws in a few days and the thought of it further amplified my nervousness and restlessness. I just sat in a corner of my room quietly and waited for Mom-dad and bro to return...

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