Jab We Met - Part II

It was immensely difficult to digest that the process of finding a suitable match for me, that had been going on for such a long time, was suddenly over now. I could see joy in my parents' and grandfather's eyes. My dad gave me a tight hug whereas I was still trying to recover from the shock! Is it actually happening? Have I found my life-partner? Am I about to get married in sometime? There were so many thoughts and questions crossing my mind that for a while, I completely lost the ability to respond. Dad started getting phone calls from mine and M's common relatives. Some of them personally congratulated me too. I just said "Thanks" and nothing beyond that. Shortly, mom-dad left for M's place.  That day, my brother(my best friend too) was out with his friends to watch FIFA world cup final. He was the first person I wanted to hug and speak to. Since he was not at home, I called him. "Hello bro", I said in a tensed voice. "Hi sis, what happened?", he asked me as if he could sense why I had called. "They just called and said yes. Seems like it's fixed!", I said. "What? Really? Are you serious? I can't believe it! Congratulations sis!" he said. "Thanks bro. I am really nervous. Please come home.", I said. "Yes I will", he replied.

I started thinking about my meeting with M, what all we had talked about and more importantly what all we hadn't talked about. Though our meeting was good, I wasn't ready to say yes or no on its basis. Thinking about it continuously made me more and more restless. I called up my friend/colleague, JC, and shared the news with him.

"Hi JC," I said. "I have a big new to share."
"Hi Rockstar," said JC. "Tell me what happened."
"I am no more single now. I met a guy today and both the sides have said yes."
"Wow Rockstar!! That's great news!! Congratulations!! Who is he? What's his name? What does he do? How did you meet?"
I told him about M and our meeting. JC had entered into arranged marriage in the previous year. He understood what I was going through and shared his own pre and post wedding experiences to help me calm down. "Courtship is a crucial period. Right now you hardly know each other. In the coming days, you two will talk, meet, go out for dates, etc. So utilize this time to know and understand each other. Try to figure out what are M's likes, dislikes, goals, perspective towards life, etc. It's a memorable phase and won't come back. So make the best out of it." 
"You are right JC. I'll definitely do that."

And hence, our conversation concluded. Talking to JC did make me feel better. I was still restless and constantly thinking. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Dad's number. I knew Mom-Dad were at M's place and hence for some reason I was hesitant to pick up the phone. 

"Hello," I said. 
"Hi Beta," said Dad. "TN(M's father) wants to speak to you."
The moment Dad said this, my heart sank. 
"Hello Uncle," I said nervously. 
"Hello Beta," said TN. "How are you?"
"I am good Uncle. How are you?"
"I am fine too. Are you happy?"
"Offcourse Uncle. Mom-dad are happy, my grandpa is happy and so am I."
"I know your Mom-dad and grandpa are very happy. I am asking about you. Are you happy too?"
"Yes Uncle. I am happy too." 
Well, I wasn't really sure about my happiness. Just said that so as to keep our conversation short.
"I am really glad that you and M liked each other and said yes after your very first meeting. I am quite excited to meet you. Will plan a meeting with you soon."
"Sure Uncle. I would love to meet you too."

It was actually happening! I was about to meet my new family members, my in-laws in a few days and the thought of it further amplified my nervousness and restlessness. I just sat in a corner of my room quietly and waited for Mom-dad and bro to return...

P.S. : Sharing one of my piano videos. This was one of the songs I dedicated to M. Do watch!


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