I came across this interesting concept of love-locks during my recent trip to Prague. There is a small footbridge built over river Vltava. One shall find countless number of locks attached to the railing of the footbridge. The concept is, lovers write their names on the lock, attach it to the railing and throw away the key in the river flowing beneath. Symbolically, it signifies two people locking their love forever. In India, people follow customs like throwing a coin in the river after making a wish, tying and untying threads/bells on making a wish and on the fulfillment of the wish respectively, etc. This was something new to me. Our friends asked me and my husband to write our names on a lock and attach it to the railing. Unfortunately we couldn't do so. We had a spare lock with us but we had forgotten its key in our hotel room and hence couldn't lock it to the bridge-railing. Nonetheless, visiting this place was quite an interesting experience for us. Here is a picture of love-locks I had clicked.

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The Untaken Path


I clicked this picture at Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, during a couple's pre-wedding shoot. Here are some lines inspired by this pic:

While walking down the road of life,
I stumbled upon an untaken path,
scared of what might lie ahead of it,
I continued to walk on the taken path,
Despite walking for several miles,
The road remained dull, and so was the season,
A thought of the untaken path crossed my mind,
And I told myself, for no good reason,
I was scared of the ground I had never stepped on,
I was scared of the air I could never breathe,
I was scared of the hurdles I had never faced,
I was scared of the sky I was never beneath,
I turned around to backtrack my steps,
Leaving behind the taken path, 
Only to realise,
All the while I was struggling with my thoughts,
Someone else had taken the untaken path...

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Photography Love!

Hello folks! Amidst so much happening around, I am back with a new post. It's about my newly found love for photography! 

I have been doing photography on and off, for about two years now. After clicking hundreds of pictures from mobile cams, digicams, DSLR and most recently the new-age mirrorless camera, one thing that I can surely say is, a good photographer is the one, who has a good eye. Having a good camera offcourse helps. These days I spend a lot of time clicking pictures from my phone(OnePlus) and my new Sony alpha 6000 mirrorless camera. I further experiment with photo editing softwares and try to bring out completely different forms of my own clicked pictures. Most of my pictures are based on travel and people. I am quite fond of visiting new places, exploring them, listening to as well as capturing the stories associated with them. Recently, I have also started taking pictures of random, static objects and experimenting with different angles and frames. However, my favourite area of photography is, capturing random candid expressions of people. I have clicked many such pictures from DSLR and mirrorless camera with the help of zoom lenses. Sitting silently in the corner of a big room, observing people, capturing smiles, laughter, joy, tears, naughtiness, grief and various such human emotions, is quite an interesting process.  Here is one my clicked pictures.

This woman is a cancer patient. She was silently smiling while watching some pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals at one of my relative's place. I cannot say what all thoughts were crossing her mind at that moment. I am glad that I pressed the camera click button just at the right moment! Later on, I shared this pic with her daughter and her lovely words of appreciation made my day. Every picture narrates a story, such as this! :-)
This one was clicked by canon EOS 600D. 

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