I came across this interesting concept of love-locks during my recent trip to Prague. There is a small footbridge built over river Vltava. One shall find countless number of locks attached to the railing of the footbridge. The concept is, lovers write their names on the lock, attach it to the railing and throw away the key in the river flowing beneath. Symbolically, it signifies two people locking their love forever. In India, people follow customs like throwing a coin in the river after making a wish, tying and untying threads/bells on making a wish and on the fulfillment of the wish respectively, etc. This was something new to me. Our friends asked me and my husband to write our names on a lock and attach it to the railing. Unfortunately we couldn't do so. We had a spare lock with us but we had forgotten its key in our hotel room and hence couldn't lock it to the bridge-railing. Nonetheless, visiting this place was quite an interesting experience for us. Here is a picture of love-locks I had clicked.

P.S. Also sharing one of my piano recordings. Do watch!


  1. Reading your blog after a long break, Radhika!Prague has a lot of interesting things like the mammoth castle! The piano recording was just lovely:) Belated wishes for a very happy married life!

    1. Thanks a lot Mr. Rahul.. So nice to hear from you.. Do visit my facebook page: