The Untaken Path

I clicked this picture at Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, during a couple's pre-wedding shoot. Here are some lines inspired by this pic:

While walking down the road of life,
I stumbled upon an untaken path,
scared of what might lie ahead of it,
I continued to walk on the taken path,
Despite walking for several miles,
The road remained dull, and so was the season,
A thought of the untaken path crossed my mind,
And I told myself, for no good reason,
I was scared of the ground I had never stepped on,
I was scared of the air I could never breathe,
I was scared of the hurdles I had never faced,
I was scared of the sky I was never beneath,
I turned around to backtrack my steps,
Leaving behind the taken path, 
Only to realise,
All the while I was struggling with my thoughts,
Someone else had taken the untaken path...

P.S. Sharing one of my Piano videos. Do watch!

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